Our Story

Thygesen Textile Group

From a 90 m² Room to the Incredible Journey

Our company belongs to Thygesen Textile Group (TTG),which was formed in 1991 by the merger of three local, family-owned companies. But the story of the Group and the Thygesen family is rooted way further back in time.

It all began from a 90 m² room production facility in Ikast, Denmark, where Carla Soren Thygesen started the production of underwear for children and women in 1931. The company grew steadily through the years and became a leading textile manufacturer, delivering its goods to the world market.

Through nearly a century with significant milestones, TTG now consists of eight international subsidiaries, all involved in the textile industry, including a Vietnamese manufacturing company and a share in the global German company – Müller Textil GmbH which manufactures spacer fabrics for the automotive industry. The core competencies of the Group cover development, production, and sale of knitted/space fabrics, hosiery and finished garments. We employ more than 1,400 people in Denmark, Vietnam, Germany, Slovakia, Turkey, the USA, Mexico, China, Korea and Japan.
Thygesen Textile

Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is proud to be part of the incredible journey. The company, formerly known as Thygesen Fabrics Vietnam Company Ltd., was established in September 2004 and located in Vinh Tuy Industrial Zone, Hanoi Capital; then relocated to Hung Yen Province on 10th August 2009. To enhance our capacity, we invested in a new garment sewing factory named Thygesen Sewing Vietnam (TSV) in July 2016.

Learned from over 90 years of experience & expertise, we are now the leading manufacturer in Vietnam specializing in OEM/ODM solutions. Alongside Quality, we also focus on other values of the Group, including Trust, Honesty, Decency, Sustainability, and Innovation.
Thygesen working space
To capitalize on the benefits of locating our factories in Vietnam, our company has created a strong manufacturing capacity supported by a broad network of material suppliers, two factories with cutting-edge technology, a skilled labor force, and professional administration. We have in-house expertise to master the latest technology, material research, and development from fabric to garment construction and styling.

Moreover, we hold ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000:2014, and WRAP certificates to demonstrate our high commitment to complying with quality standards and social responsibility. We also joined Better Work program, which brings together all levels of the garment industry to improve working conditions and respect for labor rights for workers.
Thygesen sewing factory

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and motivate change toward True Values and Sustainable Development.

Our Vision

Thygesen desires to become a prestigious textile supplier in Vietnam and worldwide while continually bringing True Added Values to our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

Our Core Values

From the beginning, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has strived to integrate our core values into everything we do. Truthfulness, Compassion, Kindness, Commitment, and Persistence have made us an innovative textile manufacturing company today.
Thygesen core values
    Truthfulness: Thygesen Vietnam commits:
  • To be trustworthy with Customers, Partners, and Employees.
  • To comply with national laws and international commitments in business operation.
  • To ensure the company’s operation does not negatively affect the environment and society.
  • To share with Employees, Customers, and Partners our true values, which will bring a broad and positive impact on community development.
    Compassion: At Thygesen, we learn to think and act for the common benefit and put others’ interests before ourselves. Instead of blaming others or looking for external reasons, we focus on finding our issues and improving them.
    Kindness: Thygesen Vietnam is a friendly working environment that respects differentiation and promotes noble virtues in every person. We treat others with heart but are strict with ourselves.
    Commitment: The commitment of Thygesen Vietnam is reflected at all levels.
  • The company is committed to complying with social responsibilities and commitments to customers and partners.
  • Leaders commit themselves to being responsible and role models for staff to follow.
  • Employees are committed to respecting the company code of conduct, culture, and job fulfillment.
    Persistence: At Thygesen Vietnam, we are fully aware of the company and individual missions. We keep on learning for self-improvement. We accept challenges and persistently pursue our goal to grow the company towards stable and sustainable development.


From the beginning, Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ambition has been to operate ethically and sustainably. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integrated part of our core business. 

We care about the environment, society, and our employees. Our CSR activities include supporting local communities, empowering our employees by creating a safe working environment, and progressing toward a low-carbon world through the eco-friendly garment production process. These efforts have been internationally accredited as we get SA8000:2014 and WRAP, as well as being a member of Better Work program.

Thygesen Supporting Local Communities

  • Being the first company to invest in Yen Lap Industrial Park, Yen Lap District (Phu Tho Province), and create jobs for the local community of Yen Lap.
  • Helping stop the spread of Covid-19 by donating money and providing masks to remote, isolated, and infected areas.
  • Donating and supporting children of 11 primary schools in Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province – a northern province during the 4th COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam.
  • Donating to people living in poverty and victims of agent orange in Yen Lap District (Phu Tho Province).
  • Promoting a Safe Working Environment

  • Our responsibility is to treat our people fairly and ensure a safe and healthy working environment which is proven by our WRAP certification and Better Work participation.
  • We believe in empowering the vulnerable and giving them equal opportunities to participate in the company.
  • We commit to complying with both local and international labor laws. No form of child labor will be used or supported.
  • Green Production for the Environment

  • Environmental sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We offer sustainable materials such as recycled fabrics (recycle polyester, recycle cotton, recycle nylon), and natural materials (bamboo, hemp, organic cotton) that are GOTS, FSC, and OCS certified.
  • We apply the LEAN system to minimize time and industrial waste in manufacturing.
  • Thygesen also focuses on projects that raise awareness about protecting the environment in society.
  • To find out about our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, you may visit Thygesen Sustainability and our CSR activities.

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