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Apparel Manufacturer

apparel manufacturer - thygesen textile vietnam

What are manufactured in Thygesen Textile Vietnam?

With the mission of making the products that improve the quality of life, Thygesen focus on high functional knit garment products to create the most comfort to the consumers worldwide – Your customers. Any style, design of those products can be developed and manufactured here!


[/one-sixth-first] [one-sixth]Workwear

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[/one-sixth] [one-sixth]Hospitalwear

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[/one-sixth] [one-sixth]Kidswear

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[/one-sixth] [one-sixth]Underwear

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Our idea is letting apparel manufacturers like us take back all manufacturing tasks which might be our inherent functions.

  • An Apparel Manufacturer should be the one who develop or source for fabric.
  • An Apparel Manufacturer should be the one who make pattern, tech-pack as well as develop garment sample
  • An Apparel Manufacturer should also be the one who take responsibility for the quality of the manufactured products.

We take all those tasks!

There is no limit of fabric at Thygesen Textile Vietnam, is there?

Started as a fabric manufacturer in 1931, Thygesen has gained more than 85 years of experience manufacturing knitted fabric. The fabric & garment factory in the North of Vietnam – the best Denish investment in Vietnam is capable enough to make Thygesen one of the leading company in manufacturing and providing best functional & high quality knitted fabric.

Combining this advantage with the experience and knowledge of the in-house yarn & fabric experts in our One-Stop-Shop garment manufacturing service, Thygesen can develop and produce almost kind of knitted fabric for functional & highest quality garment products.

There is almost no limit of composition, weight, color, knitting pattern…in developing and providing different kind of fabric.

Is technical support included in Thygesen’s Service?

Growing up as a leading knitted garment products in the North of Vietnam, Thygesen Textile is providing an One-Stop-Shop service to cover for the whole manufacturing process. Pattern making, tech-pack making and sample development is also included in our service. The only thing customers should do is giving us their idea about the products and their requirement in details. Our team of technicians, designers and developer will help to bring it to life in not only standardized measurement but also a gorgeous appearance.

Before that, we can select the most suitable fabrics for your products and give you recommendation.

What does Thygesen do to ensure the quality of products and service?

“The quality of Thygesen’s products and service is the perfect combination of professional & experienced labors, modern machines & technologies, certificated production systems, and solid experience” said Thygesen’s Customer.

To get customer’s idea and requirement better as well as handling all those information faster, all of our sales men are required to be master in international business, garment technical background and English. Our technicians with many years of experience working with customers from USA, EU, Japan, Australia… are able to provide customers with the best technical support for the best quality apparel.

We have a strong merchandiser & sourcing department closely cooperating with logistics Department and our Factory to make sure that there is no delay in manufacturing and delivery. We set up our factory in LEAN system with sufficient modern machines run by well trained labors. Thygesen’s manufacturing system and products are complied to international standards like ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX 100, CE, SA 8000, WRAP…

apparel manufacturer - certificates - thygesen textile vietnam

Can all those things really save customer’s cost, time, and effort?

You see, with an one-stop-shop service covering for every stages of manufacturing from developing and selecting fabric, pattern & tech-pack making to sample development, logistics & bulk production, you will no longer need a complicated operation system to handling them. You will not need to work with other materials suppliers for the right fabric, or lost too much time developing samples in poor service suppliers or have QCs in factory or hiring a third party inspecting service… all those thing can be cut.

With more than 85 years of experience providing customers from all around the world with supportive service, we are confident to be a reliable partnership for long-run business.

So if you are looking for an apparel manufacturer who can help you save more time, expense and effort right in the process of covering for the whole manufacturing process for high quality and great functional garment, Thygesen can be a trust worthy place where your strategic products come from.

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