reliable manufacturer of athletic wear for women

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Vietnamese manufacturer of athletic wear for women

What athletic wear for women can Thygesen Textile Vietnam manufactures?

As a leading activewear manufacturer in Vietnam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can produce almost any type of athletic wear for women according to your company’s needs. You can always rely on our manufacturing services as we can deliver high-volume orders with both quality & efficiency. Our women’s activewear products range includes:

  • Comfort lady’s leggings
  • Women’s compression tank tops
  • Sport bras
  • Knitted jackets
  • Rashguards
  • Women’s training tank tops
  • Women’s tennis shorts
  • Women’s yoga shorts

Thanks to our ability to deliver a wide range of activewear for women, we have worked with some reputable brands in the world. As the top active womenswear supplier in Vietnam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s client list includes:

  • Girlfriend Collective
  • Calvin Klein 
  • DKNY
  • Fjallraven
  • G-Form
  • Tommy Hilfiger

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – the reliable manufacturer of athletic wear for women 

Strong capacity & capability

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we can cater to every requirement of yours. You can always rely on us for your high-volume order since the factory can produce at least 350,000 pieces of athletic wear for women per month. Moreover, we always guarantee timely delivery & quality for every order.

Even better than that, our factory is equipped with hundreds of hi-tech knitting machines and skilled workers. We set our factory up under the LEAN standards, optimizing the production process. Thus, we have technical proficiency, which brings you not only quality but also sustainability.

reliable manufacturer of athletic wear for women

Expertise & reputation

What sets Thygesen Textile Vietnam apart is our 90-year experience in the industry. During that time, we have worked with several major brands, producing various styles of clothing. In that way, we are confident to have the expertise to not only deal with your athletic wear for women’s requirements but also prevent any typical problem as soon as possible.

With long experience & expertise, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a reputable supplier of activewear for women. We have been awarded the SA 8000 and WRAP certificates thanks to our implementation of social responsibility, transparency, and accountability in business. 

Furthermore, our products and production system are certified with ISO 9001:2015, OEKO-TEX, CE, and GSV. Thus, you can always entrust Thygesen Textile Vietnam with manufacturing your premium activewear for women.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – the information you need to supply to produce activewear for women 

Fabric information

The fabric composition/weight is the first and most important piece of information for our athletic wear for women production. We offer a wide range of fabric options at Thygesen Textile Vietnam, from basics like regular cotton/spandex or polyester to a variety of natural materials like Supima cotton, organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo, modal, viscose, merino wool, polyester, recycled polyester, nylon, econyl, Coolmax, thermo-light, and polyester/recycled polyester.You can also include information concerning particular requirements like credentials, print fabric, and fabric quality. We are confident in our ability to produce and offer any type of fabric you require by combining all of our expertise, experience, and advanced technology.

activewear for women

Measurement and Original Samples Availability 

One of the most difficult components of garment quality control is measuring garment dimensions. Customers should offer garment specifications to the manufacturer so that the goods produced to meet the specifications. Furthermore, because discrepancies in apparel manufacture are unavoidable, you should specify a tolerance range for each point of measurement with a reasonable margin of error.

Likewise, original samples can help the manufacturer cater to your requirements the best. However, Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s ODM service can help you customize your original sample that follows your idea and requirements or we can develop new samples from only some initial images.

If you contact Thygesen Textile Vietnam to produce clothing, you only need an idea and we will help bring it to life.

Expected Quantity per Shipment

Manufacturers usually bulk produce, so they have a minimum order quantity. Therefore, you should specify the number of products and ensure the number is at least the manufacturer’s minimums.

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, our Minimum Order Quantity is 3000 pieces and your number of products should at least meet our minimums.

athletic wear for women

Expected Time and Prices

For better price estimation, when contacting Thygesen Textile Vietnam, be sure to include information about the port, Incoterms rule, and currency, as this is necessary for obtaining a quote and will affect the order confirmation procedure.  For example, FOB Haiphong Port – USD (Incoterm rules FOB, Haiphong port and the currency is US dollars)

With the expected time of delivery, your target date should take size, color, and quantity breakdown into consideration. From there, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can estimate the time of delivery for you.

Inspection requirements

With Thygesen Textile Vietnam, you can choose from 2 options: AQL 2.5 or inspect 100% of the products with a third party.

According to international standards, AQL 2.5 is the strictest and highest standard for high-end products from brands such as Polo, Puma, Adidas, Nike, and many Japanese brands. Finished garment products in Thygesen Textile are also inspected by method AQL 2.5 so it is considered that the factory’s product quality is very good. This is thanks to Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s in-line quality control system. Alternatively, you can work with a third party for quality inspection.

athletic wear for women

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we fully understand the mission of the company and the individual. With strong capacity and long-term experience in the industry, we can meet all your requirements if you need to contact factories to produce clothing.

Contact us today to bring your idea or design to life sooner!

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