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Casual Fashion Manufacturer

OEM service for a comprehensive range of casual fashion with no limit of knit fabric

casual-fashion-manufacturer-supplier-thygesen-textile-vietnam (1)

A comprehensive range of casual wear including : Polo shirt, T-shirt, Cardigan, Jacket, Hoodies, Sweater, Dress, Short, Long pant, Tank top, Strap top can be product of our OEM service.  There is no limit of style & design. You can take a refer to our our products categories for several models.

Decade of experience working with customers worldwide helping us get exactly customer’s product idea and bring it to life in gorgeous real product

Our Developers & technicians working directly with customers from EU, USA, Japan, Australia… are able to help our customers:

  • Producing garment sample from customer’s tech-pack or original sample
  • Developing an old design to make it more trendy and fit better with the wearer
  • Developing  samples from even only some images or customer’s products ideas & requirement.

Experience & well-rounded English capacity helps them get customers ideas very well. They are quite flexible and active in providing customers with the best suggestion and solutions for each technicals issue.

The capability of fabric development make the variety and speciality of customers’ product

In fact, We started as a fabric factory. And till now, we have got more than 85 years of experience in this industry. Almost kind of functional knit fabric can be developed & manufactured here for each of customer’s requirements on the performance of garment product. We also have a lab run by experienced yarn-fabric experts to test and inspect the fabric specification & properties to make sure that it meet well with required standards, specifications and properties. We also keep ourselves updated with all modern innovation in this industry to provide our customer pioneering solutions.

Strong capacity ensures the unbeatable quality

We have built both fabric & garment factory where all stage of manufacturing can be carried out. That allows us provide our customers with a full-package service to save a significant amount of their time, money and effort. We set up our factory in complying with all standards and international certificates like ISO, WRAP, SA 8000, OEKO-TEX… our training program ensures that all of our labors can master every sewing techniques and fit well with any position in our LEAN production lines. We have in-line QCs and QAs to detect every errors, mistakes or faults if any. Quality will always be keep at the most stability and there will be no delay due to any technical problem.

If you have got the idea of how our OEM service will works, let contact us to get your project started right from now. Any further information would also  be provided accordingly.

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