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Children Clothing Manufacturer

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Together, we bring the most safe and comfortable clothing to our next generation


Custom, private label Manufacturing, OEM any design of children clothing

Shirt, Short, Dress, Hoodie, Jacket, Sweat Shirt, Boxer, Panty, Pyjamas….Jumpsuit, Romper,…Bodystocking….


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Definitely safe and outstanding comfortable children clothing

Our first priority is that all of our children’s clothing products must be totally safe and comfortable. Fabric used to make children’s clothing must be controlled right from the fabric manufacturing process to make sure that their is no harmful substance has not been treated or removed.

Clothing should not make any irritation neither no matter if it’s because of the chemical substances or pilling. Its should be super soft-touch and smooth to not making and chafing or bounce on the children’s skin in their whole active day. Children’s clothing should be absorbent, quick-dry, breathable, odorless and anti-bacteria… So that cotton, organic cotton, cotton-spandex, bamboo, bamboo-spandex… are our favorite materials to make children’s clothing.

Do not despise the harm of bad quality garments to the children’s skin. Let us help you to relieve parent’s minds with our certificated products.

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Right fabric is the key. Thygesen can provide almost kind of knit fabric for children clothing

Not only composition but also weight, knitting style and many other garment finishing techniques affect on how comfortable a piece of children’s clothing is. Fortunately, Thygesen has more than 85 years of experience in knitted fabric manufacturing. Started from Ikast, Denmark in 1931 and grow up in Viet Nam, Thygesen is now capable and experienced enough to develop almost kind of fabric especially special quality fabric for children’s clothing.

Yarn & Fabric Experts are also available here at Thygesen’s office to keep updated with new development and innovation in this industry. They are also the ones who provides customers with recommendations of the right fabric for each requirement of function.

Do not worry if you do not really have a good idea of fabric for your product. Our experts and technicians can help to give you some recommendations for the best suitable fabric.


No need a completed tech-pack. Just give us some draws or images, we make you a ready-to-sell product

The ability to custom a sample make Thygesen’s service special. The capability to develop new kind of fabric like customer’s requirement makes 50% percentage of Thygesen’s difference. Another part is our ability to provide our customers with technical support. You will no longer need a completed tech-pack or pattern. We have a professional technical department to help you out.  So that all you need to do is to give us some draws, images or even some of your ideas of the product with specific requirements. We can help to suggest you with the most suitable fabric, making pattern and Tech-pack for the perfect sample and then cover for the whole production process which are managed and controlled in our own factory.

What we have to make you trust on us?

We do not have only this website with these unfounded words. We have 2 factories in Vietnam, one produces knit fabric and one for garment manufacturing. We are certificated with many international certificates like OEKO-TEX 100, CE, SA 8000, ISO 9001, WRAP…. for not only high-quality manufacturing system but also our social distribution. We welcome all customer who is looking for kids wear manufacturer to visit our factories for a better understanding.

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In our quality policy, we take truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are our core value and highest quality to guides all of our thoughts and actions.

And finally, don’t just takes these words for anything, let come to visit us or just contact us today, our salesman with deep garment technical knowledge & experience are available here to provide you the best support with each of your specific requirement.

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