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Custom Clothing Manufacturing

Custom clothing manufacturing – a service

garment factory in vietnam- thygesen textile vietnam

1. Roles of this service in the global fashion and clothing value chain

Custom clothing manufacturing is not only an internal activity of a company, but It’s also a service – an international service. It is an important factor in the global value chain. Custom clothing manufacturing is an important transition of materials from separate items to finished garment products. Without custom clothing manufacturing companies, there are still clothing sold on the market but the consumers do not have many options like this nowadays.

There are 2 kinds of clothing manufacturers now in the market. One produces his products and distributes them while the second one is a custom clothing manufacturer who is producing according to their customer’s needs and requirements. Obviously, the second type makes up the majority. That partly proves how important custom clothing manufacturing companies are.

custom clothing manufacturing

When globalization becomes a trend that dominates almost global economies, the international division of labor gets extensive. Each organization or country focus on their manufacturing advantage. In the clothing and fashion industry, some countries have an advantage in sales & marketing while some Asia countries have a long history of manufacturing those products. Cooperating, those organizations can maximize the potential of both to create more values and meet more demand.

For example, An EU retailer can hire an American company to help them make patterns and sketches, then they hire an OEM service from a Vietnamese clothing manufacturer to produce their products. By doing that, they save a lot of time and expense from managing a technology company as well as do not need to invest in a huge factory with hundreds or thousands of workers. In addition, they can make use of USA hi-tech to prevent technical failures and gain a lot from low labor cost, most favored nation, and FTAs from Vietnam. Besides, custom clothing manufacturers aim their service to serve different demands. Therefore, they can be flexible and adaptive to different requirements. They are the prerequisite for clothing and fashion trends.

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2. What are included in this service?

There are plenty of kinds of custom clothing manufacturing services that vary from CM, CMPT, to FOB, OEM, ODM, and One-Stop-Shop services.

OEM/ODM - Custom clothing manufacturer

An OEM, ODM like Thygesen Textile Vietnam takes part in the stage of designing, developing samples, and making patterns. The Buyer sometimes just send them some images or draw of their products or some raw ideas, they would help to bring it to life accordingly. All would be carried out in a unified process to save time, expense, and effort. Compared to their buyer, they may know more about technical design. It means that they can help their customers to develop technical designs to make them more friendly with industrial manufacturing techniques.

In addition, working with so many different customers from plenty of markets all over the world with infinite divergent demands, service suppliers would have profound knowledge and experience to keep themselves updated with trends and innovation in the materials industry. Furthermore, they might be backed by a wide network of fabrics & accessories suppliers helping the developing new kinds of materials.

3. The benefit of this service

– Benefits for customers

As mentioned above, the most visible benefit that a custom clothing manufacturing service creates is saving their customers time, money and effort. It’s obvious that when you can hire other people to help you handle a thing more efficiently, you can save time, money, and effort. By hiring a custom clothing manufacturing, you will not need to invest in a bulky manufacturing factory and operate many people by yourself. It’s not easy to operate and manage a system of hundreds or thousands of people and machines to maximize productivity. It would cost you not a substantial amount of money and effort. If you have a potential market, just concentrate on how to satisfy your customers better, let the manufacturer help you to cover the manufacturing process. You will also not need to waste your effort to fulfill those factory capacities to maximize its proficiency and shorter the payback period.

Quality control is also a very important aspect of the clothing manufacturing process. Professional manufacturers know how to carry it out much better than any other. Their ability to well-controlling quality can be evaluated by international standards. Therefore, they would try to acquire those standardized certificates with good preparation and strictly comply with them. They would also have to keep their commitment to quality to avoid penalties. In other words, quality control would be included in clothing manufacturing services.

– Benefits for the manufacturers:

Manufacturers in turn would also gain a lot from the custom clothing manufacturing service. Manufacturing according to orders will minimize their risk of inventory which is one of the most popular risks that lead to the companies’ bankrupt. It’s also easier for them to forecast the customer’s demand each year to have a good preparation. They would not need to follow any risky trend too. In terms of finance, the buyer always needs to pay a certain amount of money in advance as a deposit. In this case, It can be considered that the manufacturer is receiving commercial finance from their customers. Compared to the model of self-manufacturing & self-distribution, the manufacturer has a much smaller risk.

– Benefits for the labors:

Clothing manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry. It creates a lot of jobs for unskilled poor people. In traditional agriculture countries like Vietnam, farmers have a lot of free time without a certain job for a stable source of income. Garment manufacturing does not require too much time, effort, or investment in master needed skills. The majority of the Vietnamese population is living in the poor countryside with a very unstable income. Clothing manufacturing would bring them a good opportunity to change their life.

4. What does a custom clothing manufacturer need to be a good one?

– Their capacity

Their capacity is the first requirement that they need to meet to survive and develop in this industry. It doesn’t mean that a manufacturer with huge capacity would always succeed and dominate the industry. Therefore, the capacity of a custom clothing manufacturing service supplier can be measured by their ability to be flexible and adaptive to their customer’s needs.

– Their strategy

Their strategy will nominate almost all other activities. For example, It will decide whether a manufacturer will pursue the business model of economy of scale. That in turn, decides who are their targeted customers and the quality of their service. If a manufacturer pursues the model of economy of scale, he will prefer big order quantity. The quality of the product may not be their priority. Their strategy will decide what kind of service the manufacturer will provide. For example, if manufacturers orient themselves to provide ODM/OEM clothing manufacturing, human resource will be their main investment. Firstly, they must have in-house yarn & fabric experts to cover for material development. They have to own a strong sourcing team to find the best source of accessories and fabric. Designers and technicians are also needed to be available in their offices to bring their customer’s ideas to realistic industrial design. They also need to have a good production system and a very strong logistics department to operate everything smoothly…


In recent years, there is a strong flow of investment moving from China to Vietnam as so many of the advantages that investors get from China no longer exist. The labor cost in China increased so fast make the manufacturing cost was higher than expected. Manufacturers in China must choose between forcing their labor to work under standardized points or lose their opportunity.

Compared to China, Vietnam has a cheaper labor force at the same level of quality and experience. Seizing the opportunity created by globalization and FTAs, investors from the big consuming markets come to Vietnam and other manufacturing countries to invest in manufacturing companies. By doing that, they maximize their benefit from every stage in the global value chain.

Thygesen textile vietnam - a clothing manufacturer

For example, Vietnam – South Korea Strategic Partnership brings a lot of Korean investors to come to Vietnam to invest in the garment manufacturing industry. They have created a lot of jobs, made use of Vietnamese cheap labor and favorable tax incentives. Even China investors are moving from their country to Vietnam for getting better advantages. Vietnam has a long history of fabric & garment manufacturing and now is a strategic industry of Vietnam. And it continues getting lots of support from the Government.

Besides, Vietnam locate very near main material sources (China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand…), so manufacturers in Vietnam are benefited from the cost of inbound logistics including transportation fees and time. That is one of the reasons why there is no top garment manufacturing country in Africa. Generally, It will take a garment manufacturer in Africa at least 3 weeks to receive their material from China. The transportation fee is not really cheap. For the same reason, It’s also hard for Africa garment manufacturers to develop new kinds of fabrics. Consequently, they lose another competing capability.

By contrast, Vietnam locates in the center of the international logistics system. It takes a Vietnamese company only a few days to arrange for their inbound logistics. Express Shipping services, the internet, E-commerce have also developed in Vietnam and other Asian Countries. All those things make Vietnam becoming a hot destination for the flow of investment and a reliable place for people who are looking for a good source of custom clothing manufacturing service. As in any other industry, it’s hard for a manufacturer to cover for everything. They always need support from outside. In a country where clothing manufacturing is a traditional industry, there is usually a strong association of manufacturers. They help each manufacturer on different occasions. In other words, the sub-contractors system there developed. Each manufacturer there can do much better than its own capability.


Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Leading Knitted garment and fabrics manufacturer, custom clothing manufacturing service supplier in the North of Vietnam

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Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a knitting and sewing OEM, ODM manufacturer which is located in the North of Vietnam. With more than 90 years of history, we have gained a worldwide reputation in developing and producing high-quality knitted products, both fabrics, and garments.

Custom clothing manufacturer

We have in-house experts to keep updated with the latest innovation in from yarn to knitting and dyeing process, from single needle seams to flat-lock or bonding, from basic quality like cotton/spandex or polyester to special ones such as High Compression Nylon, Cordura, Outlast, Cationic, Tactel, more eco-friendly like Organic Cotton, Supima, Bamboo viscose, Soybean, Coffee, Recycle Polyester, Lenzing Tencel, Modal….

We hold SA8000, ISO9001:2015, BSCI, and Oeko-tex 100 certificates as our high commitment to comply with both local and international labor laws and quality standards. We protect the environment and choose to work with only suppliers/manufacturers who share the same values as us.

We welcome all partners and customers from all over the world to come to visit us and see how our service helps to bring our customer’s gorgeous products in a well-arranged process.

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