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Of Casual & Fashionwear

Our casual & fashionwear manufacturing service caters to diverse preferences, providing a wide array of styles, from classic essentials to the latest trends, all tailored to your fashion brand needs

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to use natural and eco-friendly materials, including 100% Cotton, Organic Cotton, BCI Cotton, Cotton/Spandex, Tencel, and Bamboo Viscose/Spandex. With a focus on customer satisfaction, our fashion-forward garments not only look great but also feel comfortable and gentle on the skin.

We Support
Fair Trade & Fair Fashion

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we stand firmly behind fair trade and fair fashion practices. Our commitment to creating a positive social impact and upholding ethical standards drives our manufacturing process.

By advocating fair trade, we guarantee fair wages, safe working conditions and opportunities for personal growth and development for the workers involved in our casual & fashionwear manufacturing. 

We are dedicated to promoting an equitable and responsible supply chain, fostering a culture of fairness and social responsibility in the fashion industry.

We Understand The Power Of Fashion In Expressing Personalities

Thygesen delivers diverse styles of Casual & Fashion wear, tailored to your preferences, from essential basics to cutting-edge trends. We also offer customized packaging, hangtags and labeling solutions. Creating impressive designs with our OEM service becomes a seamless journey, ensuring your customers achieve the perfect look they desire.
With our expertise in fashion and unwavering commitment to quality, let Thygesen elevate your brand to new heights of style and satisfaction.

We Prioritize Quality Control &
Industry Compliance

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that all the products we curate are of the highest quality. To achieve this, we have implemented stringent quality control measures throughout our manufacturing process. From the sourcing of materials to the production and packaging stages, every step is carefully monitored and inspected to ensure that only the finest quality products are delivered to our customers

  • Material Souricng/Development: The materials should meet specified standards for casual & fashionwear – Fashionable, Alluring design, Comfortable, Sustainable color
  • In-process Inspections: Checking the accuracy of measurements, stitching quality, color consistency, and overall workmanship.
  • Final Inspection: In addition to our in-house QC team, we are open to third-party audit quality control. We understand the importance of independent verification and welcome audits from third- party organizations to further validate our quality standards and ensure transparency and accountability.

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