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    Baby Hoodie

    Eliminate parents’ worry of harmful substance for their baby skin when buying your Baby Hoodie with OEKO-TEX certificated One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service! The whole manufacturing process including technical designing and material supplying are all covered to provide your business a competitive advantage with high quality, short lead-time and competitive cost.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: cotton, CVC, TC, or other blended fabric as request
    • Performance: soft, smooth, keep warmth well, no harmful substance, no irritation…
    • Color: any color
    • Machine Washable
    • Made in Vietnam
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    Boy Hoodie

    This small piece of hoodie is a hot selling product of Thygesen’s One-Stop-Shop OEM service.

    • Made of high quality fabric developed in Thygesen’s fabric factory from OEKO-TEX certificated yarn.
    • Its form, structure and measurement was also designed by developers and technicians in Thygesen’s garment factory based on customer’s product ideas.

    You can also get your own product ideas brought to life with high quality at low cost just by leaving us a message.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: Polar Fleece 100% polyester
    • Performance: keep warmth well, comfortable, cute, well structured, well stitching, soft hand feel, light in weight, no harmful substance, convenient, easy-to-care.
    • Color/Print: any color, any print
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    Girl Hoodie

    Would you like to help parents on your market get their girls ready for the upcoming winter by premium hoodies? Don’t procrastinate if you have not got a complete design of your product or still struggling with the source of the right materials, All those things will be carried out by our OEM service.

    We are ready, have you got ready?

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: 100% Polyester Velour
    • Performance: super warm keeping, lightweight, soft, cozy, comfortable, no harmful substance
    • Color: variety of color
    • Machine washable
    • Age: infant, toddler
    • Made in Vietnam
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    Toddler Hoodie

    Trust on a capable & experienced garment factory for high quality Toddler Hoodie can not be a bad choice unless it cost you too much. The solution for all ( premium quality, lead-time and low cost) that should be considered is Thygesen’s One-Stop-Shop service. Covering for the whole manufacturing process including material supply and technical designing, the service would add a huge advantage on your Toddler Hoodie.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: CVC, TC or other blended fabric as request
    • Performance: keep warmth well, soft, smooth, comfortable, cute
    • Color/Print/ Embroidery: any color, print or embroidery
    • Age: Toddler
    • Measurement: customizable
    • Made in Vietnam
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    Zip Up Hoodie

    To create this safe, convenient and high performance zip up hoodie for kids worldwide, we have engaged our One-Stop-Shop OEM service into our whole manufacturing system. It is our answer for the question of how we could help our customer produce high quality product in a short lead-time at a very competitive cost. Contact us or come to visit us and see how premium zip up hoodies for kids are brought to life in a effective process.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: Fleece, Terry: TC, CVC, or other fabric as customer’s requirement
    • Performance: keep warmth well, comfortable, soft, no harmful substance, eco-friendly, durable, color fastness, easy to care.
    • Color/print/embroidery: any design
    • Machine washable
    • Made in Vietnam