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    Black Slip

    Help your female customers feel attractive with a sexy yet comfortable black slip. Show them how well you understand their demand through each piece of slip you sell.

    Thygesen Vietnam is here to support you with our OEM/ODM service covering for the whole manufacturing process. Technical designers, fabric experts… and both fabric & garment factories are available here to provide the best solution for high-quality and cost-saving black slips.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: Nylon-Spandex, Cotton-Spandex… and other blended fabric as required.
    • Performance: stretchy, smooth, soft, light in weight, cool, breathable, form-fitting
    • Color: Black in different shades
    • Size: full-size chart. plus size are also available
    • Measurement: customized measurement
    • Made in Vietnam
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    Full Slip

    Provided by Thygesen’s service, this full slip is a perfect combination in an underwear item that is made for your win in your garment business.

    You can also integrate advantages such as great product structure and quality fabric into your full slip with the help of our OEM/ODM service.

    Leave us a message for constant support.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: 85% Nylon + 15% Spandex or any other blended fabrics as per customer’s requirement
    • Performance: Body shape flattering, durable, silky, comfortable, breathable, soft-touch, smooth, light in weight…
    • Color: Any color
    • Size: Any size
    • Measurement: Customized measurement chart or USA, EU, ASIAN standards
    • Made in our own capable garment factory in Vietnam
  • Half Slip

    Half slips are a simple but elegant item. It indicates that in order for this product to be successful on the market, it must not only be reasonably priced but also well-made.

    Thygesen offers an OEM/ODM service to produce this slip in a professional manner. Our customers regard it as a very efficient and cost-effective service that saves them a significant amount of money and time.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: Cotton, Nylon / Spandex . Any blend as required.
    • Performance: cool, breathable, silky, light in weight, shape flattering…
    • Color: Brown, White, Black, Navy, Red… or any other color as request.
    • Size: Full size range
    • Measurement: customized
    • Made in Vietnam
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    Slip Dress

    To bring slip dress to your collection or custom it or any other design to make a unique Slip Dress, just contact us for an OEM/ODM service. Right fabric, technical designing support, professional & cost saving bulk production… all in one service will help you up the game of underwear on your market.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: Cotton, Nylon, Spandex, or other blended fabric as per request
    • Performance: comfortable, form-fitting, light in weight, breathable, absorbent.
    • Color: brown, black, white, red, navy… or any other color.
    • Size: full size range
    • Measurement: customer’s measurement chart or USA, EU, ASIAN standard.
    • Made in Vietnam