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Useful advice to find out a suitable tracksuit

Tracksuits, jogging bottoms, training pants,… How many of them have you got? The fact is, they’re easy to wear, incredibly comfortable, and versatile enough to wear in countless situations. Here, let’s look at why tracksuits are so darned cool, explore the essential dos and don’ts when wearing them, and discover just how you can style them for any occasion.

What is a tracksuit?

A tracksuit is a kind of clothing consisting of two parts: trousers and a jacket with a front zipper. It was initially intended for use in sports, mainly for athletes to wear over-competition clothing (such as running shirts and shorts or a swimsuit) and to take off before competition. These days, it has become commonly worn in other contexts. The tracksuit was among the earliest uses of synthetic fibers in sportswear.

different types of tracksuits

How to choose your perfect tracksuit?

Places You Intend To Wear the Tracksuits to

If you are thinking of wearing tracksuits for the purpose of exercising, then yes! Tracksuits can help you stay comfortable and fashionable just by some a little mix and match. Even during the winter, simply a thicker tracksuit will help you to endure the cold weather. However, avoid wearing tracksuits and go for casual dressing styles when you are in public places.

The Color of your Tracksuits

Do you have any color preferences? If yes, then you should definitely choose them and make these colors a part of your closet. Another choice is to pick the tracksuits according to the skin tone of your body. Remember that a darker shaded one during the hot summer days is not a great option as you will feel hotter and tend to sweat more. If you want to be safe, just choose the classic colors: blue, black and gray. Moreover,  don’t hesitate to make your difference by mixing colors between your top and bottom garment.

Sport Sets for Women

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Women’s knitted tracksuits 

The complex women’s tracksuits made of knitwear (with 95% cotton) are those tracksuits with the appearance of knitted material. You can wear them with sports, casual, or even a pair of elegant low-heeled sandals! 

Women’s cotton tracksuits

You can also opt for a cotton sports tracksuit, composed of three pieces: a sports bra, a short blouse that covers only the shoulders and a small part of the back, and pants. It is ideal for fitness, aerobics, running, giving you a modern look.

women’s cotton tracksuits

Women’s nylon tracksuits

Women’s nylon tracksuit consists of a single piece made of nylon, can be easily produced in Vietnam with high-quality materials that dry immediately and let your skin breathe, so you can head out right to the gym without thinking that various unwanted sweat stains appear. All the models of cool women’s tracksuits above can be found on Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Tracksuit types for Men: Mix & Match suggestions

Athletic wear for Sports, the Gym or Lounging?

Perfect for keeping you warm when you have outdoor training, tracksuits are spot-on for any sport or activity. When you’ve warmed up, you can easily zip off your tracksuit to the side and keep on exercising, pushing yourself harder. 

tracksuit types for men

Tracksuits with ankle zips are handy with trainers. Or match with sporty trainers and sweat-proof tops.

Tracksuit options for a Day Out?

Wanting to impress someone? Skinny tracksuit types or muscle fit tees will show off your hard-earned physique and now no one can be distracted from you. Alternatively, you can look for oversized hoodies to stay comfy whatever the weather and match with printed t-shirts and chunky trainers.

Affordable Sport Sets for School, College?

Whether you plan on studying or partying, tracksuits are ideal to wear on all occasions. Throw your tracksuit on in the morning simply just whenever you start to have the what-shall-I-wear? 

different types of tracksuits

Sweater tracksuits, overhead tracksuits, and smart bomber tracksuits are amazing options. Or go mix & match with printed t-shirts and hi-top trainers. Then pop on a cap and you’re all set on your way across the campus to your next lecture.

Sportswear to pursue an active and healthy life  – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

different types of tracksuits-thygesen

Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s mission is to encourage the idea of creating an active and healthy lifestyle for everyone in the world. We focus on products that are made of high-quality and functional fabrics to bring the best comfort and support for the whole active day of every customer. Get to know more about Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s products here!

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