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  • Breastfeeding Dress Manufacturer-Supplier-Thygesen Textile Vietnam (2)

    Breastfeeding Dress

    Breastfeeding Dress is designed to provide moms with maximum comfort and convenience while still looking stylish. Our OEM/ODM service covers the entire manufacturing process, with unlimited choice of fabric and technical support.

    Product Specifications:

    • Performance: well-structured, soft, smooth, light weight, durable, breathable, cool, absorbent, anti-bacteria, odorless…
    • Fabric: Cotton, Modal, Tencel, Bamboo…
    • Color/Print/Embroider: Any customer’s design or idea
    • Machine washable
    • Made in Vietnam
  • Breastfeeding Shirt

    With the purpose of bringing the most convenience & comfort to every mom in feeding their baby, Breastfeeding Shirt made by Thygesen is not only smartly designed but also made with premium fabric for the most natural feeling.

    Product Specifications:

    • Performance: light in weight, comfortable, breathable, absorbent, quick-dry, no irritation.
    • Fabric: Cotton, Modal, Tencel, Bamboo…. or any other kind of fabric as per customer’s requirement
    • Color/Print: Any design of color & print
    • Machine washable
    • Made in Vietnam
  • Hospital Gown

    Any hospital gown design can be created and manufactured here. There is no limit to the number of functional fabrics available to you, and you have access to infinite technical assistance. Thygesen Vietnam is capable of producing quality hospital gown that offers true comfort to patients.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: Terry, 65% cotton 35% polyester, or any other blend as per customer’s requirement
    • Colorfastness machine washing at 85oC: Grade 4.
    • Shrinkage: +/-5%.
    • Made in Vietnam
  • nursing nightwear manufacturer-supplier-thygesen textile vietnam (4)

    Nursing Nightwear

    Sleep easy in Thygesen’s comfortable range of Nursing Nightwear. Our service will assist you from ideas to manufacturing a finished product.

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric: Cotton, Spandex, Tencel, Modal, Bamboo… or any other blend
    • Color/Print: any customer’s design or idea
    • Machine washable
    • Made in Vietnam
    • Light in weight, soft, smooth for luxuriously natural feeling
    • Breathable, Cool, Absorbent, Quick-dry for super comfy nights
    • Anti-bacteria, odorless, no irritation
  • nursing tank top manufacturer-supplier-thygesen textile vietnam (5)

    Nursing Tank Top

    With characteristics such as soft, lightweight, and breathable, the Nursing Tank Top and manufactured at Thygesen will bring moms the comfiest feeling.

    Contact us for an OEM/ODM service!

    Product Specifications:

    • Performance: lightweight, soft, smooth, breathable, absorbent, anti-bacteria, odorless…
    • Fabric: 100% cotton/ 95% cotton + 5% spandex/ any blend of Tencel, Modal, Bamboo…
    • Color/Print: there is no limit. Any customer’s design
    • Machine washable
    • Made in Vietnam
  • patient gown manufacturer - thygesen textile vietnam (5)

    Patient Gown

    Although woven gowns may withstand industrial machine washing, they are not very absorbent, soft, or smooth. Thygesen has developed several new types of unique knit fabric that combine all of the aforementioned properties to provide the patient a pleasant experience. Making use of our strong capabilities, we offer an OEM/ODM service for any design of Patient Gown made from high-quality knit fabric.

    Please contact us if you require any other information.

    Product Specifications:

    • industrial washable at 60 oC
    • color fastness: grade 4
    • no irritation
    • made in vietnam
    • fabric: 100% cotton or blended with polyester as customer’s requirement