Medical Devices Manufacturing

Supporting the Healthcare Industry

Dedicating to the global medical devices needs

Medical devices can pose a challenge due to the high demands, unmalleable quality standards, and strict regulation. Surrounded by strict product requirements, Thygesen chooses to have our team focus on transparent quality control and develop products that are tested and receive international standards such as ISO 13485:2016 and CE marking. 

We are prepared to have our years of experience and technologies dedicated to the global medical needs, ensuring the right tools of care and protection for everyone.

Your Ethical Medical Devices Manufacturer

At Thygesen, we believe each of us has a role to play in helping protect our future. In the medical devices manufacturing process, we focus not only on quality assurance but also on sustainability.

Thygesen Vietnam complies with all applicable current local and international environmental laws.

We strictly follow the current requirements for waste disposal in our textile industry.

We make sure air emissions impact is minimized, and chemicals are properly managed.

We prioritize the use of recycled materials and accessories in our collection development.

We encourage our customers to use recycled paper bags instead of plastic or nylon ones.

Custom Medical Devices Manufacturer

Competent and dedicated to the business, Thygesen’s team distinguishes itself by maintaining its focus on service. With this direction, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can comply with the most demanding requirements from your brands.

As a custom medical devices manufacturing company, we have brought plenty of options for customers. Our products strike a balance between value, durability, functionality, style, and quality. 

Custom Hospital Wear Manufacturer

We offer various choices for patient wear for this product line, from breastfeeding dresses, breastfeeding shirts, and nursing nightwear to the patient gown. We aim to bring the most convenient and comfiest feeling to patients.  All are made of premium and highly functional fabric, industrial machine washable, super clean with no harmful substance, and must also be breathable, absorbent, odorless, soft, and light in weight.

If you share the same mission of bringing patients true comfort, let us give you a hand with our OEM/ODM manufacturing service.

Product Specifications:

– Performance: Well-structured, Soft, Smooth, Lightweight, Durable, Breathable, Cool, Absorbent, Anti-bacteria, Odorless, Machine-washable 

– Fabric: Cotton, Modal, Tencel, Polyester

– Color/Print/Embroider: Any customer’s design or idea 

– Machine washable 

Custom Medical Bandages Manufacturer

We provide our customers with many types of medical bandages for all body parts. Both packaging as standard and according to customer’s requirement.

Material range and functionality: 

– Fabric: Polyamide/ Spandex

– Durable

– Provides compression when needed

– Well tolerated by the skin

– Adjustable and easy to use

Custom Facemask Manufacturer

To supply the global shortage of medical devices during the pandemic, personal fabric face masks, isolation & surgical gown, and covering suits are added to our existing medical product category. 

Our products are distributed in different continental markets such as Europe, America, the Middle East, and Japan. We are consistently expanding our production capability and capacity, improving the product adaption to each distributed market

Material range and functionality:

– 100% cotton treated scientifically proven anti-bacterial, and virus inactivating agent made using silver ion technology.

– Durable water repellent, Anti-bacterial treatment to inactivate virus invasion

– Eco-friendly

– Hand wash

Thygesen guarantees to bring your brand the best services.