Thygesen Launches Book Club to Foster a Culture of Reading

After years of planning, Thygesen’s Book Club was officially formed as “PICKABOOK”, which aims to help Thygeseners get more opportunities to experience and comprehend valuable knowledge from interesting books. 

With the support and sponsorship of Thygesen, Pickabook currently owns a bookcase with more than 60 valuable titles and will continue to be added more with an extensive collection from club members, advisors, and other sponsors.

Thygesen Launches Book Club to Foster a Culture of Reading
Ms Doan Thi Thu Hien, CEO of Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Pickabook with the slogan “Where your journey begins”, conveys the message: when you choose to read a book, the journey of discovering and following knowledge will be opened.

Pickabook with the slogan “Where your journey begins”

By joining Pickabook, Thygeseners will have a chance to know more interesting books, build reading habits, get useful pieces of advice from the guests, take part in exciting activities of the club, connect with several people and find others who have similar interests.


Each member will be a “seed” with the mission to inspire and encourage the habit of reading in the company. Pickabook creates a space where members can read books and share their personal feelings and opinions, from that promoting self-improvement and spreading positive energy to the community. 

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