Basic Short Sleeve Polo Shirts For Men

How often do you notice people with their polo shirts on the street? Actually, polo shirt is one of the most diverse clothing choice, which are suitable in numerous occasions and places. Therefore, let take a glance at what Thygesen Vietnam can offer to manufacture this dominant fashion item.

Product specification:

Cotton and Polyester (the proportions can be adjusted by costumers requirements.)
Appropriate for work, business, party.
Regular fit, business casual style.
Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.

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Simple Basic Short Sleeve Polo Shirts For Men Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Simple Basic Polo Shirts Manufacturer provides One-Stop-Shop service for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

No matter how attractive printed or modernized Polo Shirts are, there would always be a big fan of simple basic polo shirts. It’s simple so that it’s easy to go well with other items. No one do not have for their own one or some pieces of simple basic polo shirts.

Do not directly distribute to the consumer on the market, we are providing an One-Stop-Shop service for business that directly bring those simple basic polo shirts to their customers. It’s a full-package service. In other words, We would help our customers to carry out all stages of manufacturing process from sourcing, fabric development, designing, pattern making, manufacturing, quality inspection, packaging and logistics… All are combined in one service.

You might think that being able to do that, we must be a very big manufacturers. In fact, We The productions go smoothly in an effective process that was optimized by modest machines, multi-functional workers, logistics and optimizing algorithms… So, besides help our customer save their cost, time, and efforts in a streamlined full-package service, we also lower our customer’s cost in our productivity. There is no sign of negative effect on the quality of the products till now, isn’t it?

Let us tell you how we keep our product at high level of quality. Standards in productions are very important. We applied ISO 9001 into our manufacturing process. However, how we manage the productions seems to be much more important. We apply a very strict quality controlling system to each stage of our process. We inspect 100% fabrics before manufacturing and have inline QC to keep updated with every movement of production. So, it’s hard for a delay in delivery to arise in our service.

Above are some brief introduction about Thygesen Textile Vietnam as a reliable Simple Basic Polo Shirts Manufacturer. Please keep in mind that we are providing for not only FOB, OEM, ODM service but we prioritize One-stop-shop service to serve our customers better.

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