Custom Sports Leggings

Having many active and dynamic customers seeking for high quality active leggings and are searching for a wholesaler and mass producing suppliers but yet still wondering about the diversity in designs of your orders? Look no further than our custom sports leggings manufacturing service, Thygesen Textile Vietnam provides One-stop-shop service for producing leggings, including designing, sample developing and customers advising.

Product Specification:

-Materials: Polyester and Spandex (can be adjusted and altered by the customers).
-Nursing Instructions: Please hand wash cold, do not bleach, and hang dry.
-All sizes available.
-Appropriated for exercises, sports, gym, yoga and others active activities.
-Customized printings and Digital 3D Printed

Custom Sports Leggings Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Sports Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

It would be a perfect set of Sportswear with a selected Sports legging coming along with a hoodie or T-Shirt. With various prominent properties like being very high stretchy, good at sweat-wicking, quick dry, light in weight, supper soft-and smooth, each piece of sport leggings would bring to the wearer free moves and comfort without any worry of bounce, chafing or sweat. We believe that this product would continue sell very well on every markets. If you could see a potential market for this, let us help with an One-Stop-Shop service.

We would help you to cover the whole manufacturing process
Providing an One-Stop-Shop service for manufacturing Sports Leggings means that we would help you to bring your raw idea to a real product. All stages of manufacturing process from designing, pattern making, materials & sample development, pattern making, productions, inspection and logistics… would be included in a full-package service. You just need to send us your idea or requirement of your products, wait for a while and see how our service would help you. We beg that you would save a lot of time, money and effort compared to using separate service provided by different suppliers for each single stages or doing it by yourself.

We would provide you high quality product at competitive price
We always prioritize the quality of the products. We develop best kind of fabrics with best local and international material suppliers for premium fabrics. Advanced machines, technologies and techniques have been also applied to our production ensuring providing very high quality product. We located our factory in a poor area but rich of skillful labor force. We focus on training them to master every machines, technologies and techniques to optimize our proficiency.

We would support you in step by step
An additional advantage for a Sports Leggings Manufacturer like us is the capability of supporting our customers in design. It’s no problem if all you have got is just an exciting idea of your Sport Leggings, our designer would help to make it a supper supportive structured and a very attractive and fashionable image. In case that you are just simply looking for a Sports Leggings Wholesale Supplier for their available designs, our service are also adaptive. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for a much better support.

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