Golf Short Sleeve Polo Shirts For Men

The polo shirts generated for golfing normally require exceptionnal qualities. As a respond to the rising demands of this active wear product, we are manufacturing Golf short sleeve polo shirts as a wholesale service.

Products specification:

Material: Polyester, Nilon, Cotton (as Customer’s demand).
Size: full sizes.
Machine Wash.
Short-sleeve polo shirt featuring three-button placket.
Moisture wicking, wind proof, breathable, quick dry and ventilating.

Golf Short Sleeve Polo Shirts For Men Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Golf Polo Shirts Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Along with many other kind of Activewear products, the demand for Golf Polo Shirts are rising with the requirement of exceptional quality and luxuries. In response to the market, you might be looking for a better manufacturer or supplier who can provide you more value and advantage with a full-package service of manufacturing this item. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, We set out every days to perfect our One-Stop-Shop service to serve our customer better and manufacturing Golf Polo Shirts are also included in our service.

Lets start with how will integrate premium qualities into each piece of our product. The quality always comes from fabric, garment manufacturing techniques and the product structure

With fabrics, we get involve in the quality of the fabric from yarn development. Our in-house experts always keep our updated with new innovation in yarn industry. We cooperate with yarn and fabrics suppliers to develop the high quality fabrics as per our customer’s requirement. Golf Polo Shirts must be made of breathable, quick dry, good moisture absorb fabrics. They must be also very smooth to not cause any chafing to the wearer. The structure of the products depends on its design. In case that you do not have a completed design, let our designers help or you could freely use some of our available designs. A Golf Polo Shirts Wholesale Supplier would always have available designs for you.

The garment manufacturing techniques in this case are totally depends on the capability of a Golf Polo Shirts Manufacturer. Thygesen Textile Vietnam are owning a sewing factory which was set up with sufficient modest machines run by a skillful, experienced and well-trained labor force under the control of an optimized management system. Not only the quality but also the productivity are kept at high level.

We believe that a full package service would always be able to help our customers lower the total time, money and efforts working with too much suppliers for each separate stage.

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