Long Sleeve Wool Polo Shirts

Made from one of the best wool fabric in the world, these polo shirts obviously become the must-have items for every gentleman. Having over 85 years in garment industry, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is able to producing and provide the high quality Long Sleeve Wool Polo Shirts along with fully supportive service from developing ideas to manufacturing and delivery your orders.

Products Specifications:

– Material: 100% merino wool
– All size are available
– Breathable & comfortable
– Fast absorption & quick dry
– Low pilling & color fastness
– OEKO tex standard


Long Sleeve Wool Polo Shirts Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier

Merino Wool Polo Shirts Manufacturer provides One-Stop-Shop service for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Nowadays, when yarn, knitting and fabric finishing technologies have gained remarkable innovation, wool are not only used for sweater but for almost kind of knitted and woven fabric. It minimize disadvantage of wool while enhancing numerous of its advantage. Applying wool to Polo Shirt, We create Merino Wool Polo Shirt with lots of valuable advanced characteristics: soft, smooth, less pilling, no shrinkage, good moisture absorb, breathable, luxury, gentle and smooth… Those desired Merino Wool Polo Shirts are provided by our One-stop-shop service.

Wide close-knit relationship with material suppliers worldwide
Thanks to a broad network of pioneer yarn and fabric suppliers in Vietnam, Korea, Taiwain, China, and Thailand…, we have a strong advantage in developing new kind of fabric. You would be totally free in applying Merino Wool to your specific requirement of composition, knitting style, weight, color, finishing techniques.

High quality One-stop-shop service
Our service aim to cover all stage of manufacturing from designing, pattern making, sampling, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and logistics. You now do not need to travel every where to work with too many suppliers for each stage of productions. Your time, expense and efforts are minimized with a full-package service.

Solid experience, well facilitate and high technology production system.
Covering for all stages doesn’t mean that we could not do our best in each of them. With 85 years of experience in this industry, We have gathered enough capability (experts, labors, facility, technology, finance…) to optimize each of our stage. We welcome you come and visit our office and factory in the North of Vietnam to see how we set up, arrange and manage everything to bring the best service to our customers.

So if you are looking for a reliable Merino Wool Polo Shirts Manufacturer for a highly supportive service, Come with us with your design or your idea of the products. We would help you bring it to life in an effective way.

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