Mens Base Layer

The thing that makes the amazing performance of this base layer is its special fabric which was developed at our own fabric factory. It enhances our OEM service to cover the whole manufacturing process for almost any design of Mens Base Layer. Your experience of satisfaction is our experience of proud.

Product Specifications:

  • Performance: breathable, durable, soft, smooth, temperature regulation…
  • Fabric: Aerowarm + Tencel or any other blend as per customer’s requirement
  • Color: black, navy, white or any other color can be developed
  • Size: There is no limit in size
  • Measurement: EU, USA, ASIAN Standard or customer’s standard of measurement
  • Machine washable, low pilling, no irritation, good color fastness

Wholesale Mens Base Layer T-Shirt Manufacturer – Mens Base Layer T-Shirt Supplier


Wholesale Base Layer T-Shirts Manufacturer provides global market One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

With a lot of prominent properties like being very light in weight, supper thin, high stretchy, breathable, soft & smooth and the ability of keep warmth very well, a base layer T-Shirt is always an ideal choice among hundreds kinds of winter workwear products. With the manner of bringing business relating to this product more advantages, Thygesen Textile Vietnam are providing a supportive One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service to provide high quality products at very competitive prices within a short period of lead-time.

For functional products, functional fabrics are essential. For long time, we have built up close-knit relationships with a wide network of best yarn & fabric suppliers in local and international market. We keep ourselves updated with advanced development, technology and innovation. Many kinds of premium fabric are available here and there is no limit for us to help you develop any new kind of fabric. Your products must be made of the best functional material.

The structure of the product also plays a very important role. Base Layer T-Shirt is an inner body tight top that need to fit well with every of our muscles to allow us take free moves. We have lots of available designs here that you can use freely with your private label. Or if have a raw idea of your product, our designers and technicians would help to bring it to life.

In terms of manufacturing, we have our own facilitated factory to cover for all stages. Located in the North of Vietnam, We are benefited with low labor cost, good tax incentives and advantageous FTAs. We are quite confident that we are now a Wholesale Base Layer T-Shirts Manufacturer offering the most competitive price.

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