Men’s Fitness Short Sleeve T-Shirt

A Short Sleeve T-Shirt with elastic might be the most fabrics items that most fitness practitioners choose for a perfect workout. We are manufacturing and providing a wide range of this products as an One-Stop-Shop OEM service.

Products Specifications
– Fasbrics: 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, (or other blend as per customers requirement)
– Soft, lightweight, thin and dry fast, extremely comfortable to wear.
– Spandex (Elastics): Comfortable fitness and elastic breathable feature can enhance the flexibility of movement.
– Perfect for your workout and sports, like fitness, running, cycling.
– Machine washable and durable, no fading, Shrinkage: < 4%
– Full sizes
– Made in Vietnam

Men’s Fitness Short Sleeve T-Shirt Manufacturer


Fitness T-Shirt Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for Global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Fitness T-Shirt is much different from casual T-shirt. They are designed with not only with special structure but also with supportive functions. The structure of the products must be built base on the muscle structure for free movement in fitness while supportive functions include breathable, good moisture absorb, light in weight and smooth. It doesn’t means that the fashionable characteristics of the products was sacrificed. Each piece of Fitness T-Shirt should be intersection between all those things. That’s is also the first requirement of quality of products that we apply for our One-Stop-Shop service.

Lets check some information of our service below, I think it could bring some more advantage to your business

One-Stop-Shop service means that we would provide you a full package service. We would help you cover from designing, pattern making, fabrics and samples development, bulk manufacturing, packaging and delivery. All in one. It would help you save lots of time, money and efforts wasted in working with too much people or suppliers in separate stages.
We have advantage in materials for this special product line. As a pioneering Activewear T-Shirt Manufacturer in Vietnam, We focus on building up close-knit relationship with best yarn and fabrics manufacturer in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand to keep updated with new development and innovation in materials. We are totally flexible in developing new kind of fabrics as per our customer’s requirement.
Sampling is also our advantage. We have a very professional designers and technicians teams with profound knowledge and solid experience here specializing serving our customers developing new samples in the fastest process.
We have our own garment factory to process bulk manufacturing. We invested in not only modern machines and technology but also management system and training program to make sure that our labor force can operate the production smoothly. The quality of the products can be maintained while the productivity is maximized.
So you think that our service could add some more value to your business keep do not hesitate to contact us or just keep in mind our company name Thygesen Textile Vietnam as a potential Fitness T-Shirt Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier.

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