Men’s Running Tank Top

Specific supporting designs for running by Thygensen’s professional designers and expert technicians, The Men’s Running Tank Top collections bring the most comfortable experience to every gymnastic and active guys.
Our One-stop-shop services are always ready to bring the highest quality products to your customers.

Products Specification:
– Materials: 85% polyester, 15% spandex
– Size: Available in all sizes
– Free movement
– Stretchy and Flexible
– Soft, lightweight polyester with excellent moisture management properties provides both comfort and performance
– Fast absorption & quick dry

Men’s Running Tank Top Manufacturer


Running Tank Top Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

In hot summer day, a running tank top might be much preferable than a running T-Shirt ’cause it bring much better comfort to the wearer. It’s also a simple products in appearance but one that requires high functions like breathable, good moisture absorb, like weight, quick dry and soft-touch… In order to combine although premium characteristics into desired products, Thygesen Textile Vietnam provide an One-Stop-Shop service for helping people whose business is providing this products to their market.

One-Stop-Shop service: it means that we would help you to carry out all stages of manufacturing process from material development, sourcing to garment sample development, pattern making, manufacturing, inspection and logistics. Providing a full-package service, we aim to save your time, money and effort from wasting in a process of cooperating with too much suppliers for separate stages.
High quality fabric: not only high functional products like Activewear but every of our product are made of high quality fabrics. We built a broad network of yarn & fabric suppliers allowing us to be flexible in developing new kind of fabric. That enable our service to be more adaptive with different requirement of our customers from various market.
Supportive service: As mentioned above, our service would minimize your unnecessary efforts by with comprehensive support. For example, you don’t need to invest in a pattern making team since we have a professional one hear. Sourcing is also included in our service.
Trustworthy quality: In terms of quality, it’s hard for a customer to trust in a Running Tank Top Manufacturer as they always use their all QCs or hiring from a third party for inspection. However, our customers trust on our quality as they use our inspection service, instead.
Available design: Not just because we own a well-organized factory so we must only focus on manufacturing process. In fact, We are also providing wholesale service. It would be no problem if you would like to use our available designs attached with our logo or private label. That’s why if you search for a reliable Running Tank Top Wholesale Supplier, you could also find us.
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