Short Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirts

Along with Long Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirts, we also manufacture high quality Short Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirts in our line product. Owing to our modern factory in Vietnam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can adapt to every requirement of garment products without any difficulty. We are also looking forward to co-operating to every partner who are seeking for a capable and reliable Short Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirts Suppliers. Therefore, we can increase our core value as well as profits together.

Products Specifications:

– Material: 100% merino wool
– All size are available
– Breathable & comfortable
– Fast absorption & quick dry
– Low pilling & color fastness
– OEKO tex standard

Short Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirts Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier


Short Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirts Manufacturer provides One-Stop-Shop service for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Not vary too much, A Short Sleeve Polo Shirt seems to stay with its classic look forever. However, That is also how it makes people love it for so long time. It’s not boring, but able to bring the most comfortable feeling in both perspectives of fashion and function. With delicate color, well-structured form, and so many valued characteristics of light in weight, soft & smooth, breathable, good moisture absorb… a short sleeve polo shirt would always a favourite item that both men and women love.

For those whose business are supplying their customers with premium Short Sleeve Polo Shirts, we provide an One-Stop-Shop service for helping them manufacturing this product effectively with less time, money and efforts. A full package service that cover from fabrics development, sourcing, sample development, manufacturing, packaging and logistics… We aim to save our customer cost while integrating more value to each piece of Polo Shirt to make our customer an additional advantage on their market.

It will be hard for a Short Sleeve Polo Shirts Manufacturer to control everything in an active and smooth process if they do not have their own factory. In order to combine every stages of manufacturing in to an unified service, we are very focused on investing and developing our own factory, Till now, we have 300 skillful labors equipped with modern machines to cover every knitted garment techniques. Each of them could master almost kind of machines. That is easier for us to arrange our productions lines and optimize our productivity.

We apply LEAN system in our manufacturing process with good inbound and outbound logistics cutting every waste of time in production. Management system including our team of experts and technicians can ensure that the products go smoothly and efficiently and effectively.

All products would be delivered in gorgeous appearance, really good quality and a very reasonable price. Don’t waste your time, money, human resource and effort working with so many suppliers for each state of manufacturing. Lets come to visit us to see how well our One-Stop-Shop service serve our customers.

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