Tencel Undershirt

Inherited the functional properties, Tencel Undershirt has recent years become a must-have item helping people enjoying their work in cold winter. Many business worldwide are looking for garment manufacturers who are able to help them cover for the whole manufacturing process including the supply of the right fabric. That’s reason why Thygesen with their advantage of owning both fabric & garment factories, experienced & talented labors.. provides her customers with a supportive One-stop-Shop OEM service. You could also simplify your business with that optimal service by leave here a message or email us today.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: Tencel blended with other composition as per customer’s requirement.
  • Performance: soft, flexible, insulating, absorbent and light in weight.
  • Color: Full size range
  • Size: Measurement: according to customer’s chart or approval or USA, EU, ASIAN standards.
  • Made in Vietnam

Tencel Undershirt Manufacturer – Tencel Undershirt Wholesale Supplier

For a workwear undershirt made of a kind of fabric which is more absorbent than cotton and softer than silk, a Tencel Undershirt will be the a good idea. Focusing on high functional products that support the wearer for the whole working day in the cold winter, we offer an One-Stop-Shop service for manufacturing Tencel Undershirts. Our service would benefit business relating to this products on every market worldwide.

A good undershirt always requires good kinds of fabrics. Located in the North of Vietnam, we have advantage of being near material source. For decades of experience in this industry, We have built up a very good relationship with a wide network of good yarn and fabric suppliers in China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam… for best quality tencel fabric. Our Tencel Undershirt would always be so soft & smooth, durable & light in weight and especially absorbent. It will probably bring the wearer the most comfortable feeling for the whole working day. For better supportive service, we cooperate with our suppliers to enable our customer be freely in developing new kinds of fabric. Their products would always be very special and unique. We would always refund our customers all materials & sample development fee when they decided to use our service for a bulk order.

In addition, We prepared to be a supportive service supplier by invested in a quite modern factory. Prioritizing the quality of the products, we focus on strengthening our machine & technology system and training program for our labor source to make sure that they could run every process smoothly and effectively. Our customers usually trust in our quality by using our in-house QC instead of wasting their expense in a third-party QC service. We commit to support you with our most flexible service. In case that you are looking for a reliable Tencel Undershirt Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier who could help you to cover all stage of manufacturing those products, we would be pleased to help you out.