Thermal Undershirt

The purpose of our OEM service is helping our customers manufacturing these high performance thermal undershirts which are ultra insulating to keep the wearer warm, moisture wicking for staying dry as well as soft & flexible for the best comfort in working time. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, We set out every days to make it a supportive and optimal textile solution. Contact us today and experience how it will surprise you in saving your time, cost, and effort for outstanding quality products.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: 95% cotton + 5% spandex, or 55% polyester + 23% modal + 22% cotton… or other bended fabric according to customer’s request.
  • Performance: Ultra insulating to keep the wearer warm; moisture wicking for staying dry; soft & flexible.
  • Color: Navy, Black, White or other color can be developed as required.
  • Size: Full size range
  • Measurement: customer’s measurement chart or USA, EU, ASIAN standards.
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Vietnam

Thermal Undershirt Manufacturer & Thermal Undershirt Wholesale Supplier

One of a must-have workwear item is Thermal Undershirt which does the best in regulating temperature to keep you warm and engineer to absorb and release your moisture to keep you balanced for the whole working day. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, We set out every day to manufacturing and providing Thermal Undershirt with even better properties. All of our products are so soft and light in weight. They are also very stretchy for not cause any limit to the wearer in their moves. They are also anti-bacterial to be totally safe with the wearer’s skin. Specially, They all must be not only high in quality and good in functional performance but also reasonable in its price.

Let’s see how we could help our customer do all those thing in a One-Stop-Shop service:

  • Firstly, We combine all stages of manufacturing from material & sample development to pattern making, sourcing, production and logistics in only one service. With decades of experience in this fabrics & garment manufacturing industry we are capable enough to smoothly manipulate all those stages. In this way, We could control everything especially quality and lead-time in a unified process and help our customers save a lot of them any money. They do need to go anywhere working with other suppliers for small separate stages like materials suppliers, sample development service suppliers, or third-party QC service supplier…
  • Secondly, Factory is our key to success. Located in a very poor area in the North of Vietnam, we are benefited with a lot of advantage from low labor cost and local tax incentives. There is no doubt with the quality of labor. We well- trained them with comprehensive training programs enabling them master all modern machines & techniques. They are also supported by experienced technicians in dealing with any technical details. That’s how we lower our cost while maintaining the high lever of quality. We think that we are doing better than any Thermal Undershirt Manufacturer here in the North of Vietnam.

However, providing a one-stop-shop manufacturing service doesn’t means that we are limited within a rigid service. In fact if you are simply looking for a Thermal Undershirt Wholesale Supplier for already-designed products. Our service would also be flexible to help you out.