V-neck Long Sleeve T-shirts For Men

Along with Round neck T-shirts, V-neck designs are also selected by a large proportion of customers. Thygesen Vietnam is pleased to introduce to you our V-neck long sleeve T-shirts, manufacturing from the One-stop-shop process with quality inspection.

Product specifications:

-V Neck, Long Sleeve, Color Block, Patchwork, Cozy Fit, T-Shirt.
-Specially for your everyday causal smart style.
-Soft touch material is comfort for all season fashion.
-Regular Fit. This casual tee features color block on front, a v neck and long sleeves.
-Machine Wash Cold Inside Out.

V-neck Long Sleeve T-shirts For Men Manufacturer

Concerning V-neck long sleeve tees, we can provide raw materials and fabrics such as Cool max, Merino wool, Polyester, Cotton, Spandex, Aero cool, tencel… in addition with various knitting styles and patterns. The designs and samples can be flexibly elaborated through discusses among you and our professional advisers before shifting to the mass-producing process.

Owing to the latest facilities and a own factory, along with carefully quality inspection, we have the abilities to provide our customers the beneficial One-stop-shop service, which could be resulted in lower products prices and faster delivery.

We dedicate our passion to your services.

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