Women’s Base Layer T-shirts

Specific designed for women, these collections have not only multiple function ( regulate body temperature, Breathable & comfortable, fast absorption & quick dry,…)  but also give customers fashion style such as elongating your torso, toned body,… As a reliable and trustworthy Women’s Base Layer T-shirts Manufacturer, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is looking forward to co-operating to every partner whose business engage to garment products and want to strike into potential market. Together, we can increase our core values as well as profits.

Products Specifications:
– Material: Thermax
– Size: Available at all sizes
– Soft & light weight
– 2-3 layer construction helps keeping body warm while sweating out
– Breathable
– Free movement
– Flat lock seams provide a smoother fit as seam free

Women’s Base Layer T-Shirts Manufacturer

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