Women’s Training Tank Top

Start with the idea making a flexible training tank top but still make woman look Gorgeous and Sexy, we present to customers a completely perfect collections that meet all your  requirements.
With nearly a century reputation in the textile industry, Thygesen Vietnam is producing and distributing Training Tank Top as wholesale service.

Products Specification:
–    Material:100% Polyester or blended with Spandex as per Customer’s Requirement
–    Size: Available at all sizes
–     Antibacterial, UV protection, Anti-odor
–    Fast absorption & quick dry, sweating out
–    Moisture management
–    Soft, breathable & comfortable

Women’s Training Tank Top Manufacturer

Confusing between fashion or flexibility ? Thygesen’s professional designers have combined both of them into The Training Tank Top collections. Although designed for training and playing sports, Training Tank Top still keeps the fashion and style in its own design which could easily satisfied any demand for beauty.
85 years of knitted fabrics & garment manufacturing experience, we proud to provide our designed garment products( wholesale) and also support any partners who would like to develop their own ideas or designs.

Our OEM & On-stop-shop service of manufacturing garment products always ready for you.

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