Active Legging

This outstanding active legging is one of the most popular products of Thygesen’s OEM service. It provides excellent support for the wearer during a workout or an exercise session with a high compression while still being stretchy enough to allow free movement. The legging also keeps the wearer from sweating, bouncing, or chafing. Contact us today for further support if you have a design or idea for similar leggings and are searching for a trustworthy OEM service.

Product Specifications:

  • Performance: high compression & stretchy, breathable, absorbent, quick-dry….
  • Fabric: 79% Nylon + 21 % Spandex / 54% recycled polyester+ 26% polyester + 20% spandex or any other blend can be developed and manufactured as customer’s requirement.
  • Color: Any color as the customer’s requirement
  • Size: full-size range
  • Measurement: USA Standard, EU Standard, Australian Standard
  • Made in Vietnam
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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – A Renowned and Internationally Certified Active Legging Manufacturer

active legging manufacturer

The active legging manufacturer offers various fabric

Active leggings are more popular in today’s fitness-focused culture, not just in the gym but also on city streets, in grocery shops, and in other places. For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, they are fantastic.

Leggings are comfortable and loose-fitting. They feel thrilling on the skin and let the leg move freely. Although they appear more organized, some people would argue that leggings are even more comfortable than pajamas.

Active leggings are excellent for wearing during workouts and other times when you are dynamic since they feel energizing when you put them on. They enhance your overall sports performance by reducing fatigue and muscle soreness.

Our wide network of domestic and international yarn and fabric suppliers allows us to develop new types of fabrics in response to our customers’ requests. Thygesen has long been noted for its ability to produce products made from environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled nylon/polyester, and bamboo.

Our advantages include design, patternmaking, and sample development. We could set up those processes for a high-quality tech pack in a short amount of time. You’d also get a quote for the greatest possible price as soon as possible.

Thygesen owns factories with advanced machine systems and a skilled workforce in terms of manufacturing. As a result, production time is cut while quality is maintained. We have earned our customers’ trust and have been given permission to assist them in inspecting the goods prior to shipment.

One of our promises to every customer is that we will deliver on time. To ensure that goods are delivered to our clients on time, we run all of our processes through an efficient logistics system.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is an experienced activewear manufacturer that can give a full-service package like the one stated above. You are always welcome to visit to see how efficiently we manage everything in order to deliver exceptional customer service. Even though we do not sell directly to customers, we are a capable producer and supplier who can assist companies in every step of making your dream Active Legging a reality.

The long-term experienced active legging manufacturer

Learned from over 90 years of experience & expertise, we are now the leading active legging manufacturer in Vietnam specializing in OEM/ODM solutions. Alongside Quality, we also focus on other values of the Group, including Trust, Honesty, Decency, Sustainability, and Innovation.

To capitalize on the benefits of locating our factories in Vietnam, our company has created a strong manufacturing capacity supported by a broad network of material suppliers, two factories with cutting-edge technology, a skilled labor force, and professional administration. We have in-house expertise to master the latest technology, material research, and development from fabric to garment construction and styling. Moreover, we hold ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000:2014, and WRAP certificates to demonstrate our high commitment to complying with quality standards and social responsibility.

We also joined the Better Work program, which brings together all levels of the garment industry to improve working conditions and respect for labor rights for workers. To help your business get the most custom T-shirt collection, Thygesen Textile Vietnam keeps abreast of the most recent textile & garment industry trends. Whether it is designs, materials, or accessories, we can cater to any of your requirements.

All of the fashion wear clothing made in Thygesen’s factory are high-quality products. To be able to bring true comfort to the wearer for hours of daily activities, every piece of fashionwear leggings must be highly stretchy, stable, compression but do not causing and bounce or chafe. They are super breathable, absorbent, and quick-dry.

The majority of the above properties come from fabric. And there is almost no limit of fabric in Thygesen Textile Vietnam.

From the start in 1931, we have gained over 90 years of experience as a knit fabric manufacturer. We have a modern fabric factory with in-house yarn & fabric experts who keep updated with new innovations in this industry and continuously develop new advanced fabric for fitness clothing. Almost kind of high performance fabric can be developed and manufactured in our factory. If you do not have a specific idea of fabric, our developers can help select the most suitable one for your products.

Fabric can’t fit well with the wearer’s body by itself. That’s the reason why we provide technical support to transform it to a well-structured garment allowing free moves

Pattern-making and tech-pack producing are also included in our premium OEM service to help you bring your design or even some of your images or drawings to desired products. We have a professional technical department with solid experience of working with customers from the USA, EU, Japan, and Australia… covering those tasks. We ensure that each fitness clothing fits well with the wearer’s shape and is structured according to the wearer’s muscles for unrestricted movement.

Does high quality really require a high cost?

Not in our case! We maximize proficiency without sacrificing quality.

Firstly, We maximize our general productivity by setting up our production lines in the LEAN system. The productivity is at least 35% higher than the traditional production line arrangement.

Secondly, We focus on training our labor to master all garment techniques, machines, and technology. They can perform the highest productivity in at any position in different production lines so that there is no waste of time in manufacturing.

Thirdly, We located our factory in a poor area where we enjoy a lower labor cost and many Government favors and subsidies.

Our own factory are also complying with international standards like ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX 100, CE, SA 8000, WRAP… We inspect 100% fabric before manufacturing and have a team of in-line QCs to follow the production and resolve every problem in the reserved time. Our customer trust us, a reputable custom legging manufacturer, so they do not need to hire a third-party QCs service. There is no delay in delivery either.


Thygesen Textile Group has been designing and manufacturing for nearly a century, providing consistency and quality deliverables to our customers around the globe. Benefiting from this long-term journey, we are currently one of the most reputable active legging manufacturers in Vietnam, bringing customers premium OEM service for a comprehensive range of fashion with no limit of knit fabric or styles.

As a leading knit garment manufacturer in Vietnam with long-term experience, Thygesen provides an OEM/ODM service manufacturing high-quality and functional leggings for customers worldwide.

Besides winter fashion leggings, we can manufacture and provide a vast collection of both activewear leggings and fashionwear leggings. We are confident to handle even the most demanding requirement from your brand at a fraction of time and cost, all thanks to our modem factories and skillful laborers.

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