Boys Performance T-shirt

Performance T-shirts would be an ideal choice for boys in a hard sport day for its good moisture wicking as well as sporty design. However, in order to produce a high quality performance T-shirt, finding a reliable shirt manufacturer who has a modern fabrics development is very important. Thygesen Textile Vietnam, a Denmark company located in Vietnam, is capable of offering that to any customers.

Product Specifications:

  • Performance: good moisture-wicking, highly breathable, high-fashioned, easy movement.
  • Fabrics: Polyester/Spandex, Nylon/Spandex or as per customer’s requirement.
  • but can be adjusted by customers.
  • All sizes and colors are available.
  • Measurement: USA, EU, ASIA standard or customer’s own measurement.
  • Made in Vietnam.
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Trustworthy Boys Performance T-shirt Manufacturer

Supportive full-package service
Every day, we strive to improve our service in order to make it more adaptable to a variety of needs and requirements. To bring your design to reality, we undertake all stages of the production process. Our designers and technicians can assist you if you do not have a complete design for your t-shirt or advise you on better fabric and structure attributes for a special function.

High quality
The product quality is decided by the quality of the fabric and the manufacturing techniques. To develop premium fabric, we build up close working relationships with yarn and fabric providers. When it comes to manufacturing techniques, we invested in high-tech machines, trained our workers on how to use them, and stationed a team of quality control inspectors on production lines. All of this is done to ensure the highest possible quality for each of our products.

Competitive price
We have a cost advantage in manufacturing thanks to low labor costs, tax incentives, and lucrative FTAs that come with situating our factories in developing areas in North Vietnam. In addition, we are close to material sources in Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Thailand. As a result, we can reduce the lead time, the sourcing fee, and our total cost.

So, if you are looking for a Kidswear Manufacturer to make Custom Boys Shirt , please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and find the best solution for each of your requirements.

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