Boys Striped T-Shirt

A striped T-shirt is a very suitable outfit for boys and it can be mixed with other designs such as crew neck or V-neck T-shirt. A high-quality striped T-shirt is not only fashionable but it is also comfortable for children. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is very confident to guarantee that we can achieve such quality and moreover, we provide the services such as OEM, ODM, One-stop-shop to facilitate customer’s progress. In fact us and together, we can achieve success.

Product Specifications:

  • Performance: multi-design, easy movement, comfortable, high-fashioned.
  • Fabrics: Cotton, Cotton/Spandex, Cotton/Polyester with ratio decided by customers.
  • All sizes and colors are available.
  • Measurement: USA, EU, Australian standard.
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Boys Striped T-Shirt Manufacturer – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

By applying the latest knitting, dyeing, and sewing skills and fabric technologies, which create our strengths and advantages in R&D of new and high-technology textile products, our products have exceptional quality. Specifically, the tank tops can be comfortable, elastic, and breathable. Moreover, implementing high-tech materials can provide some particular abilities to your ordered leggings, such as antibacterial capacity, moisture management, rapid absorption, and so on.

Another factor worth considering is our OEM services for making personalized tank tops. In further detail, by consulting our skilled customer advisers, specialists, and designers, you will save valuable time researching, testing, and ensuring the quality of the items. Furthermore, our strictly qualified in-stock textiles, ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system, and LEAN process implementation are our guarantees in substantial quality of your items. Lastly, efficient working procedures result in inexpensive rates and on-time delivery.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam strives to be the top Kidswear Manufacturer offers the best support to Custom Boys Shirt

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