Classic Polo Shirt

It’s time to overcome your worry of appearing too old in a classic polo shirt with fresh designs given by Thygesen’s OEM/ODM manufacturing service, which brings men all over the world a new modern, and dynamic look.

Product Specifications:

  • Polyester/Spandex (adjustable as per customer’s requirement)
  • Placket closure
  • Machine washable
  • Button top
  • Classic fit


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Reliable Classic Polo Shirt Manufacturer

classic polo shirt manufacturer

As an experienced clothing manufacturer in the North of Vietnam, Thygesen is providing customers who are looking for partners to be a reliable Fashionwear Manufacturer to create Custom Fashionwear Polo Shirt with a very competitive OEM/ODM service. We assist customers from the first concept to the finished product.

  • We are flexible in the development of new yarn, fabrics, and other kinds of materials thanks to a wide relationship with the best local and international suppliers. We keep an eye on market trends, and innovations to make sure to maximize both the fashionable and functional characteristics of polo shirts.
  • Rather than pursuing economies of scale, we are concentrating on maximizing the value that our service can provide to our clients. Due to our strategy of positively optimizing production, customers are not limited by a large MOQ while still receiving a competitive price.
  • Our primary advantage, as mentioned above, is optimizing productivity. We’ve gathered a group of skilled and well-trained workers. We can arrange production lines in whatever way we choose because each of them can use different types of machines. In order to realistically optimize our capability, several advanced algorithms are also used.
  • Our manufacturing process is also subjected to international standards in order to maintain a consistent level of quality and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. In terms of delivery, we are highly flexible. We could easily transport packages to your location on time thanks to our robust logistics department.

We pride ourselves on our premium OEM services.

With over 90 years of experience in the textile industry, we are proud to be one of Vietnam’s leading custom casual fashionwear manufacturers.

Thygesen has consistently focused on high-quality products and ethical manufacturing processes. With this direction, we can comply with the industry’s most demanding standards while maintaining profitability and motivation.

We are specialized in developing innovative textile solutions for fashion brands, from knitting to ready-made garments.

As a high-quality  Custom Fashionwear Polo Shirt Manufacturer, Thygesen could help you manufacture any style of T-shirts, from plain, printed, designer, and long sleeve t-shirts to longline and oversized styles. Our skillful employees and high-technology machine system allow us to manage the entire process for your brand.

Every stage of the clothing manufacturing process will be assisted by our experts. We work with you to conceive, design, and envision your finished product.

We have our own fabric development system, good contact with reliable printing factories, and strict quality management.

Manufacturing experience is an important factor determining the quality of products and services of sportswear wholesalers and manufacturers. Sportswear, especially long sleeve men’s t shirts need a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to create the most perfect versions.

Thygesen is one of the Classic Polo Shirt who can offer the widest and best quality sport long sleeve men t shirt designs for your fashion brand. With more than 90 years of experience in the field of clothing manufacturing, we have cooperated and worked with hundreds of different sportswear brands. The production team has also produced hundreds of thousands of sports long sleeve men’s t-shirts with hundreds of diverse models.

 A combination of quality & fashion

Having been a reputable casual fashionwear manufacturer for decades, we understand the importance of catching up with fashion trends.

Thanks to our many years of manufacturing experience, we easily capture the fashion market and help your fashion business stay ahead of fashion trends. Our expertise can also advise newly established clothing brands to develop and do business more effectively.

Years of experience in the industry help Thygesen recognize what design trends are, what materials are right for each product, and what designs will be most popular. Classic Polo Shirt manufactured by our factory are beautiful and ensure user comfort. On the other hand, you can rest assured about the products Thygesen provides because we have met many international standards.

With a long development path, Thygesen has obtained many international certificates of garment standards such as ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000: 2014, WRAP. You can be completely assured of the quality of this supplier’s products.

Supportive Customer Service

In addition to quality, variety and price, customer support is one of the factors that fashion brands are most interested in. Manufacturers need fast, efficient customer support to resolve any order issues. Not only does it make the delivery process smoother, but it also makes fashion brands more productive.

Eco-Friendly Classic Polo Shirt Manufacturer

Environmentally and user-friendly production is the development criterion of many garment manufacturers, including Thygesen.

Thygesen is an eco-friendly unisex t-shirt manufacturer trusted by many ethical clothing brands. We are one of the leading ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturers today. Our goal is to develop products that are healthy, user-friendly and environment-friendly. Currently, many manufacturers are producing their products according to this trend, but few can develop as thoroughly as Thygesen.

Thygesen’s product lines, including Classic Polo Shirts are tested for friendliness from fabric to manufacturing. Thygesen garment factories offer recyclable or natural materials. We also have our quality control team to ensure quality at each stage.

In addition to friendly fabrics, we also use the LEAN production system to reduce costs and avoid waste in the production process. We use recyclable materials and modern sewing technology to eliminate unnecessary waste.

You can also see the team of controllers regularly checking the quality of the production process at the factories. It can be said that Thygesen is one of the leading eco-friendly sportswear manufacturers today.

If you are looking for a Classic Polo Shirt Manufacturer with the most enthusiastic and fast customer support service, you should not miss Thygesen. Our company has established its teams to serve the customized requirements of customers. In addition to meeting your Polo Shirt customization requirements, you can also contact customer service for questions.

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