Cotton Jacket

A quality jacket necessitates a dependable manufacturing service. Thygesen offers premium OEM/ODM service for any knit jacket design with decades of experience in the textile industry. In addition, there is no limit to types of knit fabric and technical assistance available. Get in touch with us right away! Product Specifications:

  • Performance: light in weight, temperature regulation
  • Fabric: 100% cotton or blended with polyester or other composition as per customer’s request
  • Color/Print/Embroidery: there is no limit
  • Size: Full range
  • Measurement: USA, EU, Australia Standard, or customer’s measurement
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Thygesen Textile Vietnam Is Eager To Be Your Top Choice Of Cotton Jacket Manufacturer

cotton jacket manufacturer

The organic fabric manufacturer

One of the most important factors to get quality fashion products with long-term value is the fabric. Nowadays, with the appearance of many clothing manufacturers, it becomes difficult for people to choose the best manufacturer. Because not every address selects the best fabric. Cotton yarn can be used for many different types of weaving such as woven or knitted. The characteristics of Cotton fabric give a soft and durable finished product. Therefore, the applicability of this fiber is very high, Thygesen has chosen this material to be used in the production of T-shirts, shirts, jackets, khaki pants, children’s clothes, etc.

100% Organic Cotton fabric will be strictly controlled in the entire production process, from cotton planting to finished products. GOTs certification will evaluate the methods and materials used to produce standard Organic Cotton fabrics.

In addition, because the production process does not use GMOs and chemicals, the yield of Organic Cotton fabric will be much less than that of regular Cotton. This is also one of the reasons why Organic Cotton is used more in the high-end garment segment.

Reliable clothing manufacturer

Referring to the largest clothing manufacturer in the world market, Thygesen cannot be ignored. This is a company specializing in fashion production that has developed all over the world, including Vietnam. Thygesen has been in the market for a long time and now we have more than 90 years of experience in fashion production.

With that development, we are proud to be a premium organic cotton manufacturer, always giving our customers the best experience. The products we bring to the market are guaranteed to have been thoroughly tested, selected selectively so that customers always feel satisfied. If what you are worried about is the fabric, then come to us to get the products that best meet your needs.

Furthermore, Thygesen Vietnam has a professional staff with many years of experience in the field of clothing manufacturing. Besides, we are also fully equipped with modern and advanced machinery and equipment, which promise to ensure on-time work, and provide a large number of products to retailers. Customers can rest assured to come to us to receive the best products. With a modern production process that complies with many strict standards, although it is quite expensive compared to normal cotton, 100% Organic Cotton yarn is produced by organic materials that are benign to the skin, free of harmful chemicals. harmful, reducing the risk of skin irritation … especially good for children’s skin. Organic Cotton fabric is especially more environmentally friendly due to the process of saving fuel and water in production. Besides, this fabric also gives the user a comfortable feeling.

Understanding the benefits of organic cotton, we have chosen this fabric to produce clothes, especially for children. Because children’s skin is always very sensitive, wearing clothes with bad materials will affect the skin, causing many bad conditions on the skin. Thygesen fabrics have received the oeko-tex standard 100, a certificate issued by high-ranking agencies specializing in testing high-quality fabrics. Therefore, customers can completely trust us to choose to buy products.

Choose a trustworthy Cotton Jacket Supplier

You can always hire clothing manufacturers to figure on your custom jackets just in case you do not have the stitching skills and expertise for the project. The sole belongings you need to secure may be a jacket design and sketch it on the PC as a pre-production file. Include your specifications and other details of the merchandise since this pre-production file will function as your eventual professional tech pack for the custom clothing project. Good manufacturers are well-versed and experts when it involves clothing manufacturing and you’ll simply trust them to try to do the remaining of the assembly work as long as they need the tech pack. Coordination is required to urge your requirements across though. Recognized among the leading private label clothing manufacturers in Northern Viet Nam, Thygesen Textile Vietnam thrives to simplify the complexities of this private label apparel manufacturing industry by dedicating ourselves as a personal label clothing manufacturer providing a ODM/OEM service. The service handles subsequent tasks like designing and making tech packs, sample development, bulk production, inspection, logistics, etc. The task of developing new sorts of knit fabric is additionally included in Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s service. that permits us to assist our customers to develop any new design of their own brand.

Discussing your custom jacket design with your own manufacturer

Doing it beforehand is compulsory. Be happy to simply accept advice and input from them so you’ll apply these details to your tech pack. The manufacturers also can assist with fabric sourcing since they’re more knowledgeable when it involves fabrics. Rather than settling with the foremost common materials available out there, their knowledge and expertise can offer you leverage to a good selection of choices and varieties you’ll choose from. This is often especially important for outdoor jackets and sports jackets where the performance of the fabric plays an enormous role.

Sampling is a crucial process before custom jacket production

Once the tech pack is prepared with all the small print and specs, your custom jacket project is now ready for sampling. After you hand your tech pack to your manufacturer, you’ll expect a couple of weeks for your first sample to be ready. It’s obvious the time interval in creating the sample depends on the simplicity or complexity of your custom jacket design. Also, you would like to be in-tuned together with your manufacturer during the sampling stage to make sure they’re on the proper track and avoid further setbacks during the method.

When the primary custom jacket sample is prepared, you’ll now experience how your product looks and seems like. See for yourself whether the sample follows the preferences you’ve noted on the tech pack. If you are feeling unsatisfied with the merchandise sample, then you would like to form some changes, update the tech pack and eventually repeat the sampling process until desired results are achieved. Otherwise, if everything is ideal then your product is now ready for production .


Making a customized jacket simply follows the normal method of making manufactured clothes. The sole difference is the complexities involved in terms of stitching and designing the merchandise. The target of the merchandise mainly focuses on its functionality, fit and luxury while aspects like aesthetics are available as a later afterthought. All of those factors combined work successfully in making a custom jacket. There’s tons of cash within the jacket business as you learn from successful and established brands like Moncler. Good luck on your first custom jacket project!

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