Custom Design Leggings

You can not deny that Girls and Women would look so young and attractive with a custom design leggings. Don’t lose your business to the other one just because they could find a better manufacturer or supplier than you. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is able to manufacturing a wide ranged of leggings owing our modern machines and skillful labor. Let us help you to expand your own market in leggings whole.

Products Specifications:

– Fabric: 85% polyester 15% spandex

– Size: Available at all sizes

– Four-way stretch – Stretchy – Durable – Free movement – Natural movement

– Soft, breathable & comfortable – Ecofriendly – Antibacterial, UV protection, Anti-odor

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Custom Design Leggings Manufacturer – Thygesen Texile Vietnam

Custom Design Leggings Whether you are a wholesaler, online shop, or retailer,… if you discover any potential markets, all you need to do is contact us, and our sales team will respond as soon as possible. Then, we have expert designers that can support you and develop your sample, or if you haven’t finished a complete idea yet, let us help you make it come true. Finally, our Vietnam factories have modern machines and skilled laborers, allowing us to manufacture efficiently and quickly. As a result, your order will be completed on time, and we will transport your goods to the exact destination you require.

Custom Design Leggings Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier in Vietnam

For more than 85 years working in this textile industry, Thygesen Vietnam keep focusing on  adapting our products and service to reflect the needs of the market in the best way possible. We constantly seek to decode the fashion and clothing market by providing a better and better One-Stop-Shop service of manufacturing almost kinds of custom leggings. We inspire our customers with our help of saving their time and expense from working with too many suppliers for each discrete stages of garment manufacturing. In other words, it’s a part of how we give you a competitive advantages without sacrifice of anything.

Our overall mission is to produce the most fashionable leggings as well as develop solutions addressing the increasing needs of high functional products. All of leggings would be made of the best quality and most suitable fabrics in terms of functions. For example, the proportion of Elastics would be adjusted according to the custom demand of stretch. We built up a wide relationship with our yarn and fabrics suppliers to enhance our flexibility in developing new kinds of materials and fabrics. Thanks to that, We would be more adaptive with many different market demands.

We ensure to provide the best quality products at the most competitive prices. In doing so, we invested in modern machines, skillful labor force, advanced management system and experienced experts. The efficiency of productions would be optimized without any delay of unprofessional mistake while keeping the quality at the most stable status.

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, We are dedicated to creating value bot for our industry and our partners. We believe in the philosophy saying that we would gain more if we could help people gain more. That why we would never do anything to loose our worldwide reputation as a trustworthy Custom Fashionwear Leggings Manufacturer Besides, keep in mind that we are also a. It means that we could provide you with our designed products under your own brands.

A proficient Custom Design Leggings  Manufacturer in Vietnam

As a leading knitted garment manufacturer in the North of Vietnam with a strong capacity and long-term experience in the development, manufacturing, and trading of textile and garment products, Thygesen Textile Vietnam always gains our customers’ trust thanks to the following advantages:

High-quality & high-capacity Custom Design Leggings  Manufacturer

With our focus and investment in regular training programs to improve laborers’ skills and updating new high-technology manufacturing, we can guarantee to deliver the best quality products to you. We are also applying and controlling every segment of manufacturing by international Quality Control and Manufacturing Standards like ISO 9001-2015, SA 8000, CE marks, and so on.

Besides high quality, Thygesen Textile Vietnam also has a strong capacity in developing and bulk manufacturing in many types of ladies leggings designs: classic leggings, printed leggings, seamless leggings, leggings with mesh panels, or luxurious leggings.

Various kinds of good Materials

We have an excellent sourcing team allowing us to be flexible in developing material as per customer’s requirements and grasp each trend of material development. Thygesen Textile Vietnam commits to supply you with garments of the most stable and highest quality materials. Our material ranges from Nylon Spandex to Polyester Spandex, Aerogear Spandex, Modal Spandex, Tencel Spandex… the proportion of each ingredient can be adjusted to customer’s requirement.

Professional Teams

We have gathered professional teams of experts that deeply cooperate in every stage to handle your order smoothly so that we could provide premium ODM/OEM service where we carry out everything from the knitting fabric to colors dying, printing, designing, developing, cutting & sewing, packaging, delivery… Particularly, our sales team commits to responding to every inquiry within 24 hours.

A leggings manufacturer with economical ODM/OEM services

Fast developing and quick order handling

We have in-house experts and technicians teams with solid backgrounds and experiences to handle every order, helping you even in stages of development in the fastest way. Moreover, our modern equipment, along with the skilled workers’ expertise, can further shorten production time.

As a result, the time savings when working with Thygesen Textile Vietnam are great. Normally, it takes us just 5-7 days to deliver samples and 7-9 weeks for bulk manufacturing.

Reasonable Price

Since finding a good partner for long-term cooperation is what we are looking for, we share with our customers by providing reasonable prices to all of the ladies’ leggings products. Thygesen Textile Vietnam guarantees the best price for the best products and ODM/OEM services. Hence, we would ensure that our Customers would take some advantages in the market they aim to.

Samples development from Thygesen’s professional Leggings Manufacturer

Samples development is our strength thanks to the various kinds of available materials and accessories. Samples would be free if they are made of available materials. Alternatively, developing new material for new samples is also possible, albeit with a small fee and some more time.

Flexible terms of payment and delivery

We provide many options in terms of delivery and payment. Delivery could be made by air, sea, or other means of transport under any terms of trade according to Incoterms 2010 (EXW, FOB, FCA, FAS, CPT, CIP, CFR, CIF, DAT, DAP, DDP…) depending on customer’s requirement. Payment could be made by L/C, T/T with the time of payment negotiable.

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