Custom Plain Cotton T-Shirt

Plain T-Shirt, is one of the most popular items in practically everyone’s wardrobe despite its simplicity. Begin the new season with a new assortment brought to you by our OEM/ODM service.

Product Specifications:
– 100% cotton or blended with other composition as per customers requirement.
– High quality, good moisture absorption, breathable, quick dry, light in weight, antibacteria
– Machine wash, anti pilling, shrinkage

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A Leading Custom Plain Cotton T-Shirt Manufacturer – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

custom plain cotton t-shirt manufacturer

Cotton T-Shirt Manufacturer providing OEM/ODM manufacturing service – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

With decades of experience in the textile industry, we are confident to be your  Custom Sportswear Manufacturer that offers you the best services.

An economic service:
A full-service package is always an economic option. When all stages of manufacturing are aggregated in a unified process, we can eliminate time wasted in separate stages. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to look for suppliers for each minor step. All of your time, expense, and effort would be minimized.

High-quality products at competitive prices:
To be able to commit to producing high-quality products, every step is important. The quality of the yarn and fabric used in the garment has a big impact on the final product. Our in-house experts keep their eyes on the material industry to stay abreast of new trends, significant developments, and cutting-edge innovation. We are flexible in making new types of fabric that are suitable for any demand of the product’s quality or function, thanks to our extensive network of material suppliers.

Let us assist you in renewing your collections by providing a helpful OEM/ODM solution for manufacturing high-quality Custom T-shirts

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