Fleece Jacket

Despite its light weight, the most appealing aspect of fleece jacket has always been its warmth. Not only does our fleece jacket have a soft, textured feel, but it also features heat retention and moisture resistance. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam where both the ability of fabric development & technical support are advantages of our OEM/ODM service, we will support you from idea to finished products.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: wool blended with polyester, cotton, spandex or any other kind of fabric as per customer’s requirement.
  • Color: Any color
  • Size: full sizes range
  • Measurement: USA, EU, ASIAN standard or customer’s measurement
  • Made in Vietnam
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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – The Fleece Jacket Manufacturer that helps you diversify your collection

fleece jacket manufacturer

Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s service gives you the option to customize fleece jackets with your own brand design and aesthetics.

Our factories operate in northern Vietnam where almost all of our benefits are combined. We are close to the top material sources, which are mostly located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. As a result, time and money can be saved on inbound logistics. We cover sourcing and our in-house expertise will assist you in developing new types of fabric to help you become one of the best and most original businesses. We’re also reasonably priced, thanks to low labor expenses and tax breaks. Furthermore, our factories are equipped with modern machines and are set up in a professional LEAN process that meets international production standards, thus quality is another of our strengths.

Let’s take a look at how we can assist you in producing high-quality products at very competitive prices in a short amount of time.

  • We have a talented and experienced team of designers and technicians who, with a sensitive mind, keep up with new trends, innovations in fashion, and materials industry to bring our product the new and advanced characteristics such as breathable, good at moisture absorption, soft and stretchy, allowing the wearer to move freely throughout the match. Our designer and technician team can also help in getting your customers’ ideas and adapting them to industrial production to improve quality and productivity.
  • We invest in well-equipped factories set up accordingly to international standards and run by skilled and well-trained workers. Before being packaged and shipped to you, every product produced at our factories must pass a stringent quality control procedure. Because of the flexibility in our labor course, each of our workers can use a variety of machines, we maximize our productivity using an algorithm based on our realistic capacity.
  • In the realm of sportswear, function and fashion are inextricably linked. Each of our products is a combination of the two. We offer a large assortment of available designs here. You are free to utilize our design with your own private label branding.

If you are in need a full-package Custom Fashionwear Jacket Manufacturer, contact Thygesen

We understand that startup businesses that are new to the fashion industry need guidance and advice. Your active clothing brand will be built with the aid of Thygesen’s professional teams. Just provide us with some reference drawings, photos, or design files, and you can leave the rest to us. From sampling through production, we will walk you through the entire process.

We are one of the leading Fashionwear Manufacturer in Vietnam, delivering our goods to international markets like US, Europe, and Australia. Our factories are ISO 9001:2015, SA8000, WRAP, OEKO-TEX, FDA/ CE Marking and GSV certified, having an in-house R&D team for the best appliance of latest yarns and technologies.

To capitalize on the benefits of locating our factories in Vietnam, our company has created a strong manufacturing capacity supported by a broad network of material suppliers, two factories with cutting-edge technology, a skilled labor force, and professional administration. We have in-house expertise to master the latest technology, material research, and development from fabric to garment construction and styling.

With our wide and continuously developed network of trusted supply chain, we are able to assist you in choosing the most suitable materials to make your collections come to life.

Bringing your ideas to life with our supportive OEM service

You can create Fleece Jacket using the raw materials of your choice thanks to our cut and sew manufacturing service. Our skilled production staff makes a promise about the stitching and designing. You have countless customization possibilities for everything, including styling, fabric, and design.

Even if you have just an idea about your product, let tell us and we can turn your ideas into life.

Our OEM services manufacture your clothing at our sewing factory in Phu Tho Province, Vietnam. With a high standard of achievement, we value top quality and will ensure that you receive what you need to fit your business needs.  We set up our factory under international standards and have in-line QCs to detect every issue, problem and mistake right away in the underwear manufacturing process.

Discover our sustainable clothes factory

Thygesen Textile Vietnam understands the utmost importance of professionalism. We honor true business values and sustainable development along with maintaining high commitment with our partners.

It is important for us to focus on sustainability and responsibility in the manufacturing processes.  We strictly follow the local and international requirements for waste disposal in our textile industry.

In addition, our factory’s LEAN production process is highly efficient, minimizing the use of chemicals, energy, and waste at any stage.

Benefits of outsourcing clothing manufacturing


One of the main advantages of outsourcing in the fashion business is cost-effectiveness. Many small enterprises are unable to invest in costly machinery and equipment. In addition to cutting manufacturing costs, outsourcing also lowers inventory and warehousing expenses. Additionally, it helps employers save money on labor expenditures, new hire training, employee benefits, and other costs related to hiring full-time staff.


You may get high-quality goods with effective production methods by outsourcing. You can request that your products be manufactured by an outside manufacturer using high-quality raw materials. Additionally, most outsourced manufacturers use modern equipment to improve production efficiency and quality control standards. Outsourced manufacturers have better machinery and equipment, enabling them to produce goods at low costs with maximum efficiency.


You can gain access to specialists that have expertise working with businesses like yours by outsourcing certain areas of your operation. Many outsourced companies have even more specific abilities than the average employee because they focus on particular fields like forecasting, sourcing, product development, and production.

We at Thygesen are proud to be a sustainable custom clothing manufacturer with high-quality products. Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes custom sportswear, fashionwear, workwear, kidswear, underwear and medical device production.

Above is a brief introduction to how Thygesen Textile Vietnam could be your trusted  Fashionwear Manufacturer to bring the best  Custom Fashionwear Jacket products. Please contact us for further information.

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