Grey Cotton Legging

As our products are designed to provide the wearer with the best flexibility and comfort, Grey Cotton Leggings are no exception. With characteristics including high compression and stretchy, smooth, silky, breathable, and lightweight, these leggings will help trainers avoid the discomfort of getting wet or chafing.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam looks forward to working with any partner whose business is related to garment products; we are capable of producing and supplying high-quality textile and garment products, as well as OEM one-stop-shop service.

Product Specifications:

-Materials: Cotton & Spandex (adjustable)
-Everyday wardrobe essential, style meets comfort and value.
-Wash cold and no bleach

-All sizes available.
-Anti-bacteria, comb cotton makes the legging extra smooth and skinny.

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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – A Well-known Grey Cotton Legging Manufacturer

grey cotton legging manufacturer

The Grey Cotton Legging Manufacturer That Covers It All

The fashion business relies heavily on cotton as a fabric. Whether it’s plain cotton, cotton that has been colored, or a mixture of cotton, every wardrobe undoubtedly has a sizable percentage of cotton products. The usage of cotton plants as a source of natural fiber dates back to the fifth millennium B.C.

Cotton is a soft and fluffy substance mostly made of cellulose, an insoluble organic component essential to plant structure. The cotton plant requires plenty of sunlight, an extended period without frost, and a healthy amount of rain.

Cotton is a very well-liked fiber in the textile business due to various distinctive qualities.

1. Softness.
2. Durability.
3. Absorbency.
4. Holds dye well.
5. Breathability.
6. No static cling.

Our Grey Cotton Leggings are extra soft, smooth and skinny. They have moisture-wicking fabric technology and prevent the wearer’s legs from overheating.

At Thygesen, we pride ourselves on manufacturing premium garment products using the latest technology so that you receive the most innovative solution for your brand. With clear communication from project start to finish, innovative products, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times, we make the whole process fast, simple & easy.

Share your ideas with us, and we’ll take care of everything from development to production.

Customize your grey cotton leggings with our OEM services

With modern technology and a skilled workforce, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can be a great choice to be your long-term pink cotton leggings manufacturer.

Our completely Grey Cotton Leggings is exactly what a young, dynamic fashion lady expects. The characteristic grey tones come with extraordinary quality fabric and are guaranteed to create your advantages over other competitors.

We have our own fabric development system, good contact with reliable printing factories, and strict quality management.

You can create custom leggings using the raw materials of your choice thanks to our cut-and-sew manufacturing service. Our skilled production staff makes a promise about the stitching and designing. You have countless customization possibilities, including styling, fabric, and design.

Even if you have just an idea about your product, let tell us and we can turn your ideas into life.

Our OEM services manufacture your clothing at our sewing factory in Phu Tho Province, Vietnam. With a high standard of achievement, we value top quality and will ensure that you receive what you need to fit your business needs. We set up our factory under international standards and have in-line QCs to detect every issue, problem and mistake right away in the underwear manufacturing process.

Quality at our heart

Our wide network of domestic and international yarn and fabric suppliers allows us to develop new types of fabrics in response to our customers’ requests. Thygesen has long been noted for its ability to produce products made from environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled nylon/polyester, and bamboo.

Our advantages include design, patternmaking, and sample development. We could set up those processes for a high-quality tech pack in a short amount of time. You’d also get a quote for the greatest possible price as soon as possible.

Thygesen owns factories with advanced machine systems and a skilled workforce in terms of manufacturing. As a result, production time is cut while quality is maintained. We have earned our customers’ trust and have been given permission to assist them in inspecting the goods prior to shipment.

One of our promises to every customer is that we will deliver on time. To ensure that goods are delivered to our clients on time, we run all of our processes through an efficient logistics system.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is an experienced Grey Cotton Legging manufacturer that can give a full-service package like the one stated above. You are always welcome to visit to see how efficiently we manage everything in order to deliver exceptional customer service. Even though we do not sell directly to customers, we are a capable producer and supplier who can assist companies in every step of making your dream Grey Cotton Legging a reality.

 We offer creative solutions for your fashion business

Thygesen’s team is committed to creating innovative ODM/OEM solutions for your fashion brands. Our skillful employees and high-technology machine system allow us to manage the entire process from design to the finished products.

For us, the quality of products and services always comes first. Our company always strives to upgrade the production line and product quality daily to meet users’ needs.

Our in-house development team studies your specifications to design readily practical tools, methods, and work instructions, which combined with the deployment of today’s technology, ensure timely production and consistent quality standards.

Thygesen offers various styles, from the very basic to the most trendy, all up to your requirements. Our international standardized factories, latest technology, modern machines, and skillful labor can assist you in producing high-quality items, while our application of LEAN manufacturing can help to reduce your lead time.

We pursue the mission of “Bringing inspiration and motivation for community change towards true values ​​and sustainable development”. Therefore, in business, Thygesen always aims to accompany and develop long-term relationships with partners. Our company is constantly improving products and services at the highest standard, best meeting customer expectations and satisfying users’ needs.

In team development, Thygesen focuses on investing in developing highly professional and technical qualifications in addition to soft skills training and cultivating traditional qualities and culture for employees. Our factories not only meet the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2016, CE marking, FDA and Oeko Tex 100, etc., but also ensure compliance with Social Responsibility and obtain certificates. reputation as SA8000, WRAP.

Currently, the company has constantly been developing and expanding, becoming one of the business models based on ethical values ​​with increasing prestige in the textile business community.

Ethical Pink Cotton Leggings Manufacturer

Our mission is to inspire and motivate change towards true values and sustainable development. That is why we strive to become a sustainable pink cotton leggings manufacturer. We pay attention to every manufacturing process, from choosing materials that consider the global environment to eliminating waste in all stages.

We believe that a successful business must have happy employees. Therefore, we ensure a safe and healthy working environment for everyone to maximize their capacity.

One of our prestigious certification is WRAP, the world’s largest independent certification program focused on the apparel, footwear, and sewn products sectors. The WRAP program certifies facilities for compliance with the 12 WRAP Principles, which assure safe, legal, and ethical manufacturing processes.

These 12 WRAP Principles are as follows:

  • Compliance with laws and workplace regulations
  • Prohibition of forced labor
  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Prohibition of harassment or abuse
  • Compensation and benefits as required by law
  • Hours of work as limited by law
  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Health and safety
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Environment
  • Customs compliance
  • Security

Sustainability is the foundation for everything we do in Thygesen, starting from ensuring a safe workplace environment. That is why we try our best to comply with the above principles.

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