Hospital Gown

Any hospital gown design can be created and manufactured here. There is no limit to the number of functional fabrics available to you, and you have access to infinite technical assistance. Thygesen Vietnam is capable of producing quality hospital gown that offers true comfort to patients.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: Terry, 65% cotton 35% polyester, or any other blend as per customer’s requirement
  • Colorfastness machine washing at 85oC: Grade 4.
  • Shrinkage: +/-5%.
  • Made in Vietnam
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A Dedicated Hospital Gown Manufacturer – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

hospital gown manufacturer

Along with many other kinds of medical devices, the demand for exceptional quality hospital gowns is rising. In response to the market, you might be looking for a better manufacturer or supplier who can provide you more value and advantage with a full-package service of manufacturing this item. At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we set out every day to perfect our ODM and OEM service to serve our customers better, and manufacturing hospital gowns is also included in our service.

Let’s begin by discussing how we’ll incorporate premium attributes into each component of our product. Fabric, garment production procedures, and product structure all contribute to product quality.

With fabrics, we get involved in the quality of the fabric from yarn development. Our in-house experts keep us up to date on the latest innovations in the yarn industry. We cooperate with yarn and fabrics suppliers to develop high-quality fabrics as per our customer’s requirements. Hospital gowns must be made of fabrics that are comfortable and durable.  The structure of the products depends on their design. If you don’t have a finalized design, our designers can assist you, or you can freely use some of our existing designs. An experienced hospital gown manufacturer would always offer a variety of designs for you to choose from.

The garment manufacturing techniques in this case totally depend on the capability of a hospital gown manufacturer. Thygesen Textile Vietnam owns sewing facilities with sufficient modern machines that are run by a skilled, experienced, and well-trained labor force under the supervision of an optimal management system. Not only is the quality maintained, but so is the productivity.

We believe that a whole package solution will always be able to help our customers save time, money, and effort by reducing the total time, money, and effort spent working with several suppliers for each step.

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