Long Sleeve Base Layer

Are you finding a trusted long sleeve base layer manufacturer? Look no further because Thygesen can manage every aspect of your products, from concept development and sampling to manufacturing and logistics.

We can provide a varied range of Base layers that help your customers keep warm and feel comfortable during their working days.

Products Specifications:
– Material: Thermax
– Or sizes and colors are available
– Soft, smooth, lightweight, keep warm, breathable

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Soft and comfortable, Thygesen’s long sleeve base layer T-shirt will ensure the wearer feels comfortable. Manufactured with high-quality materials and modern technologies, this next-to-skin layer ideally regulates warmth and sweat-wicking during a long working day.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam, with over 90 years of expertise in the textile industry, is now offering a cost-effective comprehensive package solution to customers looking for a dependable women’s long sleeve base layer T-shirt manufacturer.

Our continual research and development of new technology push advancements in fabric performance and garment construction to provide high-functionality, breathability, comfort and durability for all workwear items. We aim to distinguish ourselves by manufacturing products with international quality standards in the least lead time and at the most competitive prices.

Our advantages include design, patternmaking, and sample development. We could put up those processes for a high-quality tech pack in a short period of time. Furthermore, you would receive an estimate for the greatest pricing as soon as feasible.

In terms of production, Thygesen owns factories with innovative machine systems and a trained workforce. Therefore, production time is cut without sacrificing quality. We’ve won our client’s trust, and they’ve granted us permission to assist them in examining the goods before shipment.

To detect errors, we have competent experts and on-the-spot quality inspection. We have skilled technicians and in-house QCs to ensure our commitment to providing the best quality t-shirts to our customers.

Our service would provide you with high-quality products at a competitive price
For high-quality products, we start with yarn and fabric development. Our in-house experts stay current on new developments and innovations in the material market. With extensive relationships with the best yarn and fabric suppliers in Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea…, Thygesen continuously looks for high-quality fabrics for our customers’ products. We locate our factories in developing areas with an abundance of skilled labor force. We invest in high-tech machines and technology, and we focus on teaching our workers how to use them. All to achieve high-quality products and efficient productivity.

Our service would save your time and effort
A full-service package is always a time-saving service. You don’t have to travel all over the place meeting and working with so many different people. Our service includes everything. You wouldn’t even need to hire our own or a third-party QCs to evaluate the product’s quality before packaging because we have a very professional QCs team. Our present clients trust our quality and use our QC services.

Our service would help you keep your customers
Aside from great quality and affordable pricing, our service will assist you in keeping your customers. We believe we are working in a very efficient process that can handle everything very quickly. This minimizes delays due to an unanticipated issue or problem.

Highly supportive service
Improving your business with a manufacturing service necessitates us being more adaptable and versatile in order to provide you with better support. What happens when you have a great concept but your Printed Legging manufacturer is unable to assist you in designing or creating the pattern for it? It is apparent that your concept will not be realized. As a result, a supportive service, particularly a full-package supportive service, would be essential.

In the past decade, the fashion industry around the world has received many criticisms about pollution. Therefore, manufacturers in the textile industry should strive to go green and help reduce the amount of toxic waste.

Thygesen is a manufacturer that cares about sustainability not only for society and the wearer but also responsible for the environment. We switch to safe, sustainable fabrics and dyes. Thygesen continuously contributes to social life and environmental standards.

Supportive full-package service
Every day, we strive to improve our service in order to make it more adaptable to a variety of needs and requirements. To bring your design to reality, we undertake all stages of the production process. Our designers and technicians can assist you if you do not have a complete design for your t-shirt or advise you on better fabric and structure attributes for a special function.

High quality
The product quality is decided by the quality of the fabric and the manufacturing techniques. To develop premium fabric, we build up close working relationships with yarn and fabric providers. When it comes to manufacturing techniques, we invested in high-tech machines, trained our workers on how to use them, and stationed a team of quality control inspectors on production lines. All of this is done to ensure the highest possible quality for each of our products.

Competitive price
We have a cost advantage in manufacturing thanks to low labor costs, tax incentives, and lucrative FTAs that come with situating our factories in developing areas in North Vietnam. In addition, we are close to material sources in Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Thailand. As a result, we can reduce the lead time, the sourcing fee, and our total cost.

Stay updated with new trends, innovations and technologies, and development
One of our key advantages is staying updated with the latest trends, innovations, and development in both fashion and materials industry. With a long-lasting and close-knit cooperating relationship with the best yarn & fabrics manufacturers in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam…, we can be a pioneer garment manufacturer in terms of bringing advanced materials into our products. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is cooperating with the most capable dyeing house in Vietnam to ensure the best color quality for each product. With a high level of fastness and no bleeding, the dyed color must always be exactly the same as required.

High productivity
There is no other option for lowering the price while maintaining product quality than to boost productivity. We optimize our productivity at Thygesen Vietnam by combining labor, machinery, technology, and management.

Professional service
We have a skilled Sales team that is available at all times to handle any customer’s request.  All information would be processed as soon as possible. Thygesen also focuses on building a unified system and professionalizing our service. Flexibility is key to helping us adapt to the various needs of every market around the world.

A full-package service to shorten your lead-time, minimize your efforts, and optimize your expense

We are one of the custom fashionwear  Custom Base Layer Manufacturer offering a full-package service. It means that we would take in charge of covering all stages of manufacturing process from: material development, sourcing, designing, pattern making, production, inspection, packaging and logistics. It would help you in optimize all of your time, money and efforts significantly

For a common product line like Long Sleeve Base Layer, Thygesen offers various styles, from the very basic to the most trendy, all up to your requirements. Our international standardized factories, latest technology, modern machines, and skillful labor can assist you in producing high-quality items, while our application of LEAN manufacturing can help to reduce your lead time.

If you’re searching for a trusted Workwear Manufacturer, let Thygesen Textile Vietnam be your partner.

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