Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt never goes out of style, just sometimes underestimated as a cold-weather and transitional item. A long-sleeved polo can be worked into your outfits in a variety of ways, from a simple base layer to a knitwear replacement. Product Specifications:

  • 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester ( or other blends as per customer’s requirement)
  • Products are of Vietnam origin
  • Machine Wash
  • Long-sleeve polo shirt featuring two-button placket and spread collar
  • Logo tag at left side seam
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 Trusted Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturer

long sleeve polo shirt manufacturer Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturer providing OEM/ODM service for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Thygesen – a reliable Best Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturer – has more than 90 years of apparel manufacturing with many experienced employees and a series of modern machinery and sewing technology systems. The company has created a strong production capacity supported by an extensive network of raw material suppliers, two factories with advanced technology, skilled workforce and professional management. We have the in-house expertise to master the latest technology, materials research and development from fabric to garment structure and style.

Full package service

Do you believe that a service that helps you with everything from material development to finishing garment items is more convenient and economic than separate services for each of those stages? We strongly believe that a full-service solution is always better in terms of quality control and cost savings. That is why we chose to invest in our factories, employees, and management system in order to make our service more supportive and adaptable to different demands.

High-quality products

Our manufacturing process adheres to international quality standards such as ISO 9001. Our customers choose to use our QC service because they trust our quality control system and our commitment.

Competitive price

You can easily see that if factories can increase production while preserving product quality, they will be able to give their customers more competitive pricing. Thygesen Textile Vietnam employs two strategies. Firstly, we locate our factories in developing areas with an abundance of labor. Secondly, we focus on training workers to master all techniques, machines, and technologies. Each of them can use a variety of machines, allowing us to be completely flexible in the layout of production lines. Therefore, productivity is increased.

Environmental Compliance

In today’s fashion world, eco-friendly clothing is always the most popular. Users are looking for products that are friendly to the environment and themselves. Therefore, eco-friendly mens shirts are a product that many fashion brands are looking to boost their business. With that in mind, Thygesen has improved production lines, fabrics and more to produce eco-friendly men’s clothing. We have a modern production line, many new apparel production technologies and a LEAN production system. This friendly production system helps us to create eco-friendly and user-friendly men’s t-shirts. In addition, the significant savings in production costs can partially support the initial import costs for fashion brands. If you decide to partner with Thygesen, your store’s profits next month will likely increase. In addition to improving the production process, Thygesen also focuses on developing user-friendly fabrics. We usually use 100% natural cotton or recycled polyester fabrics. In order to make the men’s shirts of the co-branded fashion brands more prominent in the market, we also do a lot of research and improve the performance of the fabric. Accordingly, our men’s clothing is breathable, quick-drying, soft and comfortable to wear. Undoubtedly Thygesen is the top men’s clothing manufacturer on the list of many fashion brands.

Minimize waste: We strictly follow the local and international requirements for waste disposal in our textile industry.

Minimize air emissions impact: We make sure air emissions impact is minimized and chemicals are properly managed.

Recycle more: We prioritize the use of recycled materials and accessories in our collection development.

Eco-friendly fabrics: We utilize our technology and expertise to make garment products from sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled nylon/polyester, bamboo, etc. Our garment products are certified with Oeko-Tex to be safe to wear.

Reduce plastic packaging: We encourage our customers to use recycled paper bags instead of plastic or nylon ones. In addition to impressive manufacturing, design and innovation capabilities, Thygesen also provides OEM services for all partners. We can carry out the production of men’s clothing according to the available designs that fashion brands offer. Customers can customize according to their own brand ideas and goals. Skilled staff and high-tech machinery allow us to manage the entire process from design to finished product. You just need to place an order, make a request, check and receive the product. To be able to successfully complete the production process of man clothing and satisfy all customer requirements, Thygesen not only has experience but also has a modern production system. From machinery, production technology to technical staff, we focus on improving and constantly updating. The latest sewing technologies are updated and applied by the factory in the production process. Thanks to that, Thygesen can complete large orders in a short time while still ensuring product quality.

Conclusion We are eager to become a prestigious Fashionwear Polo Shirt Manufacturer  in Vietnam and worldwide while continually bringing True Added Values to our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. Our in-house development team studies your specifications to design readily practical tools, methods, and work instructions, which combined with the deployment of today’s technology, ensure timely production and consistent quality standards. We not only own modern technology and machines, but also constantly try to improve our products.

Our idea is letting apparel manufacturers like us take back all manufacturing tasks which might be our inherent functions.

  • An Apparel Manufacturer should be the one who develops or source for fabric.
  • An Apparel Manufacturer should be the one who make pattern, tech-pack as well as develop garment sample
  • An Apparel Manufacturer should also be the one who takes responsibility for the quality of the manufactured products.

We take all those tasks and are confident to be one of the top custom clothing manufacturers on the Asian market. So if you’re looking for a manufacturer for custom clothes,  let us be your partner as a custom manufacturing clothing factory  to bring the best services and products to your business.

Thereby, helping the products of fashion brands become more prominent and can compete more easily than other brands. If your fashion brand is looking for a reputable men clothing manufacturer, you can come to us to get the most support. Thanks for reading! Thygesen Textile Vietnam strives to be the top Fashionwear Manufacturer to bring our customers the best  Custom Fashionwear Polo Shirt services. Popular Keywords: #Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturer  #Casual Wear Manufacturer #Casual Wear Polo Shirts Manufacturer #Casual Wear Polo Shirts Factories #Fashionwear Polo Shirt Manufacturer #Casual Wear Polo Shirts Manufacturers #Casual Wear Polo Shirts supplier #Casual Wear Polo Shirts suppliers #Striped Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturer,  #Casual Wear Polo Shirts Manufacturer #Casual Wear Polo Shirts Supplier, #Basic Polo Shirt ManufacturerMen’s Short Sleeve Polo Shirt ManufacturerLong  Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturer, #Merino Wool Polo Shirts Manufacturer #Merino Wool Polo Shirts Manufacturers #Merino Wool Polo Shirts Fatories #Pique Polo Shirt Manufacturter #Golf Polo Shirts Manufacturer #Basic Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Suppliers #Classic Polo Shirt Manufacturer #Raglan Polo Shirts Manufactures #Basic Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Supplier #Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Manufacturers