Men’s Raglan Polo Shirt

The combination of a trendy Raglan and Polo shirt would perfectly captivate and satisfy your male customers.  We are eager to provide our OEM/ODM manufacturing services to your brand.

Product Specifications:

– Stable/durable – can be washed under industrial washing standards at 75oC
– 100% Cotton (adjustable as per customer’s requirement)
– Size: Full size available
– Strengthened seams


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   Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Qualified Men’s Raglan Polo Shirt Manufacturer

men's raglan polo shirt manufacturer

Men’s Raglan Polo Shirt Manufacturer for global market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

When plain, melange and printed shirts are common, Raglan Polo Shirts may be able to make the wearer appear younger, more energetic, and fresh. Multi-functional and easily paired with other items, Raglan Polo Shirts would always be a desirable product to have in the wardrobe.

Thygesen Vietnam does not distribute directly to consumers in any market; instead, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming a   Fashionwear Manufacturer  who offers an OEM/ODM service to sellers of Custom Fashionwear Polo Shirt

We will help you with everything from material development to the delivery of ready-to-sell products. The key advantage of our service is that it allows us to assist our customers in saving money, time, and effort that they would otherwise spend working with several suppliers at each manufacturing stage. Such all-inclusive service also enables us to assist our customers in controlling product quality in a unified system.

You may be wondering about our capacity to cover manufacturing stages. With decades of experience in our sector, we focus on our service to produce and offer more value to our clients rather than pursuing economies of scale. We have our own factories, which are staffed by experienced and skilled workers. Our productive optimization model is capable of equipping and controlling modern machines. We are confident in offering our customers the best service for high-quality products at the most competitive pricing.

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