Men’s Short Sleeve Pajama

Comfortable feeling and durable, these are what men look for in a short sleeve pajama. Therefore, a high-quality short sleeve pajama has to satisfy both characteristics to be a top sale in the market. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is very confident to assure that not only can we achieve such standards, but we can also provide customers with professional convenient services such as OEM and ODM. Contact us and we will not let you down!

Product Specifications:

  • Performance: lightweight, manly design, cool and comfortable feeling, easy movement.
  • Fabrics: Polyester – Cotton with ratio decided by customers.
  • All sizes and colors are available.
  • Measurement: USA, EU, ASIA standard or customer’s own measurement.
  • Made in Vietnam.
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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – A Trustworthy Men’s Short Sleeve Pajama Manufacturer

men's short sleeve pajama manufacturer

Men’s Short Sleeve Pajama Manufacturer for Global Market – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

What sets your pajamas apart from the rest? If you want to get a competitive advantage in your market, our full-package service may be a better fit. Our experience in the apparel manufacturing industry has been dedicated to assisting our customers with all aspects of the manufacturing process, from design and pattern making to new fabric and sample development, bulk manufacturing, and shipping.

Let’s take a look at how we can assist you in producing high-quality products at very competitive prices in a short amount of time.

  • We have a talented and experienced team of designers and technicians who, with a sensitive mind, keep up with new trends, innovations in the fashion, and materials industry to bring our products new and advanced characteristics such as breathable, good at moisture absorption, soft and stretchy, allowing the wearer to move freely throughout the match. Our designer and technician team can also help in getting your customers’ ideas and adapting them to industrial production to improve quality and productivity.
  • We invest in well-equipped factories set up accordingly to international standards and run by skilled and well-trained workers. Before being packaged and shipped to you, every product produced at our factories must pass a stringent quality control procedure. Because of the flexibility in our labor course, each of our workers can use a variety of machines, we maximize our productivity using an algorithm based on our realistic capacity.
  • We offer a large assortment of available designs here. You are free to utilize our design with your own private label branding.

We provide a full-package service
Providing a full-package service means that we would bring you a full-package service. We would help you carry out material development, design, pattern making, production, inspection, packaging, and delivery. All are included in our service. You would no longer waste your time, money, and effort with too many service suppliers for each of the separate stages. Quality would be controlled in a unified system so there would be fewer issues or problems relating to the quality.

We provide an adaptive service
Our top priorities are adaptation and flexibility. We didn’t let materials limit us; instead, we focused on developing a large network of good yarn and fabric suppliers. This allows us to be completely versatile when it comes to fabric development. Our service would be highly adaptable to various requirements, resulting in a really unique product. Furthermore, we established a powerful sample development department to assist our customers in bringing their thoughts and concepts to life in the most pleasing look and a good technical design that suits industrial manufacturing conditions.

We provide an economic service
As mentioned above, a full-package service is itself an economic service. Furthermore, our method of optimizing productivity would help you save even more time and money. We locate our factories in developing areas but have skillful labors. We focus on training workers to master many kinds of machines and sewing techniques. Hence, it is easier for us to arrange them in production lines to maximize our proficiency. That’s how we offer our customers very competitive prices while maintaining high-quality products. We welcome you to visit our office and factories in Vietnam to see how our service benefits our current customers.

Our service would save your time and effort
A full-service package is always a time-saving service. You don’t have to travel all over the place meeting and working with so many different people. Our service includes everything. You wouldn’t even need to hire our own or a third-party QCs to evaluate the product’s quality before packaging because we have a very professional QCs team. Our present clients trust our quality and use our QC services.

Our service would help you keep your customers
Aside from great quality and affordable pricing, our service will assist you in keeping your customers. We believe we are working in a very efficient process that can handle everything very quickly. This minimizes delays due to an unanticipated issue or problem.

Our service would provide you with high-quality products at a competitive price
For high-quality products, we start with yarn and fabric development. Our in-house experts stay current on new developments and innovations in the material market. With extensive relationships with the best yarn and fabric suppliers in Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea…, Thygesen continuously looks for high-quality fabrics for our customers’ products. We locate our factories in developing areas with an abundance of skilled labor force. We invest in high-tech machines and technology, and we focus on teaching our workers how to use them. All to achieve high-quality products and efficient productivity.

High-quality products assurance

Throughout the manufacturing process, product quality and quality control at clothes manufacturing firms are probably your priorities. High-quality products are always guaranteed at Thygesen Textile Vietnam because our entire production system complies with ISO standards. Beyond that, we inspect 100 percent of the fabric before manufacturing; thereby, no unanticipated material issues arise throughout the manufacturing process. With our expertise and techniques, Thygesen Textile Vietnam optimizes not only quality but also lead time to avoid delivery delays.

Furthermore, rather than using a third-party inspection service, the manufactured clothes will be evaluated using method AQL 2.5. To achieve quality consistency, we use in-line quality control in our manufacturing process, in which our team will immediately identify and resolve a problem or issue as soon as they arise. Our customers rarely need to use a third-party inspection service after seeing how we efficiently manage the quality control system.

Premium quality fabric
We have in-house experts who have a profound knowledge basis and solid experience in yarns and fabric. They keep updated with new development and technology in the material industry to make sure that we will not miss any advanced innovation. Thanks to a close-knit relationship with a wide network of yarn & fabric suppliers, we are totally flexible in fabric and material development. As a result, there is no limit to premium quality fabrics.

Hi-tech manufacturing
Many hi-tech machines and technology have been put up and mastered by our workers at our well-equipped facility. For the finest quality products, we also work with the best dyeing house, printing, and fabric finishing sub-contractors in Vietnam. There would be no color fading or printing errors… They’d be true luxury items thanks to the sophisticated fabric finishing.

Highly supportive service
Improving your business with a manufacturing service necessitates us being more adaptable and versatile in order to provide you with better support. What happens when you have a great concept but your Printed Legging manufacturer is unable to assist you in designing or creating the pattern for it? It is apparent that your concept will not be realized. As a result, a supportive service, particularly a full-package supportive service, would be essential.

Let us be your partner as a devoted Underwear Manufacturer. With nearly a century of experience in the garment industry, Thygesen Textile Vietnam can fulfill all of your needs, from product types to manufacturing sizes. We retain the highest level of product quality while employing the OEM process to reduce product costs and delivery times. In addition, we have a well-trained sales team ready to handle any customer need at any time. All information would be processed as soon as possible. Thygesen is also working to create a unified system and to improve the quality of our service. Flexibility is essential in assisting us in adapting to the diverse needs of markets all around the world.

We welcome all customers from every market who would like to work with a reliable  Custom Pajamas Manufacturer. The flexibility in our service would definitely help us to be adaptive to all of your requirements.

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