Men’s V-neck Long Sleeve T-shirt

Besides round neck, v-neck designs are also popular in the t-shirt market. Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers OEM/ODM service for manufacturing Men’s V-neck Long Sleeve T-shirts at a competitive price.

Product Specifications:

-Specially for your everyday casual smart style.
-Soft touch material is comfortable for all season fashion.
-Regular fit. This casual tee features color block on front, a v neck and long sleeves.
-Machine wash cold inside out.

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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – A Trusted Men’s V-neck Long Sleeve T-shirt Manufacturer

men's v-neck long sleeve t-shirt manufacturer

We can provide raw materials and numerous fabrics as well as knitting techniques and patterns for v-neck long-sleeve tees. Before moving to the mass-production phase, the designs and samples can be flexibly elaborated through discussions between you and our skilled consultants.

Thanks to modern factories, as well as meticulous quality control, we have the ability to give our customers OEM/ODM solutions, which result in reduced product pricing and faster delivery,

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