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Plus Size Leggings

Plus size compression leggings are designed to provide support and compression for larger body sizes. They help improve circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and offer a slimming and shaping effect for a comfortable and flattering fit.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers OEM/ODM plus size compression leggings manufacturing. Our expertise in compression technology ensures quality products that provide support, comfort and style for larger body sizes.

Product Specifications

Materials: 88% Polyester, 12% Lycra (Adjustable to customer’s requirement)

Functionality: Stretchy, high compression, good supportive, durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric. Perfect for yoga, running, workout, fitness

Size: All sizes available.

Customization: Customized printings/colors as per clients’ requirements.

Leggings That Move With You Made by Experts

All Sizes, Colors, And
Customizations Are Available

Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers a wide range of plus-size leggings that combine comfort, style, and functionality. These leggings come in various colors, allowing customers to express their individuality. Moreover, Thygesen Textile Vietnam offers customization options, enabling customers to personalize their leggings to suit their preferences. Whether you need compression leggings for exercise, recovery, or everyday wear, Thygesen Textile Vietnam has you covered.

Plus Size Leggings manufacturing service with customizations option
Thygesen Textile Vietnam provides a diverse selection of plus-size leggings, blending comfort, style, and practicality seamlessly

Various Kinds Of Fabric
Showcase Your Brand

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is your go-to destination for plus-size leggings, offering a wide variety of fabric options. With choices ranging from Cotton-Spandex, Bamboo, Tencel, Modal, to Coolmax, customers can find the perfect material to suit their preferences and needs. What sets Thygesen Textile Vietnam apart is our sourcing service, which ensures that we can procure exact materials as per customers’ requirements, all at a competitive price.

Plus Size Leggings manufacturing service with various kinds of fabric
Thygesen Textile Vietnam is the ultimate place to find a diverse selection of fabric options for plus-size leggings.

Reduce The Cost Of Production
Without Compromising On Quality

By utilizing our OEM services, customers can benefit from cost savings as we outsource the expenses of production. This approach streamlines processes and procedures, allowing for cheaper prices without compromising on quality. With the burden of production costs lifted, we can focus on delivering high-quality leggings while customers can concentrate on their core operations.

Plus Size Leggings manufacturing service with OEM services
Through the utilization of our OEM services, customers can enjoy cost savings as we handle the production expenses externally.

Sustainable Manufacturing
Ethical Work Environment

We prioritize environmental sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our production chain. From sourcing materials to manufacturing and packaging, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint. Our manufacturing process also adheres to ethical standards, ensuring fair treatment and safe working conditions for our employees.

Plus Size Leggings manufacturing service with ethical and sustainable manufacturing
We prioritize eco-friendly practices from sourcing to packaging, ensuring environmental sustainability in our production chain

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