Polar Fleece Legging

Finding an item that not only has the fashion style but also feel comfy and flexible? Polar FleeceLeggings are ideal for ladies in any occasion, from working to going out.

Product Specifications:
– Materials: 92% polyester 8% spandex (adjustable to customers’ demand)
– Size: available in all sizes
– High stretching/ Good compression
– Four-way stretch
– Stretchy
– Free movement, flexible
– Soft, smooth, breathable & comfortable
– Drifit, Fast absorption & quick dry, Wicking, sweating out
– Flat seams feel smooth against your skin

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Trustworthy Polar Fleece Legging Manufacturer

polar fleece legging manufacturer

Thygesen Textile Vietnam, one of Vietnam’s most reputable Leggings Manufacturer, can help you design your Polar Fleece Legging.

Whether you have your own design or need our assistance, Thygesen’s service is available to any customer searching for a reliable Polar Fleece Legging Manufacturer. We will take your ideas and turn them into your desired products.

Since 1931, Thygesen has designed, manufactured, and sold textile products. Learning from over 90 years of experience and having a vast network of material suppliers & partners, we strive to be the top Vietnam’s Fashionwear Manufacturer.

We consider our experienced and skillful workforce a significant asset. Each worker has received extensive training in operating several types of modern machines. In addition, our technicians, utilizing their sensitivity to the market trends, will bring advanced innovations to our service. Hence, we are able to enhance your design with highly functional fabrics and technical details that are more friendly to the environment.

Thygesen prioritizes perfecting our management system to minimize time wasted on handling unexpected issues. We not only set up our manufacturing process accordingly to international standards but also apply LEAN production system. As a result, waste is minimized, lowering costs.

Our service would save your time and effort
A full-service package is always a time-saving service. You don’t have to travel all over the place meeting and working with so many different people. Our service includes everything. You wouldn’t even need to hire our own or a third-party QCs to evaluate the product’s quality before packaging because we have a very professional QCs team. Our present clients trust our quality and use our QC services.

Our service would help you keep your customers
Aside from great quality and affordable pricing, our service will assist you in keeping your customers. We believe we are working in a very efficient process that can handle everything very quickly. This minimizes delays due to an unanticipated issue or problem.

Our service would provide you with high-quality products at a competitive price
For high-quality products, we start with yarn and fabric development. Our in-house experts stay current on new developments and innovations in the material market. With extensive relationships with the best yarn and fabric suppliers in Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea…, Thygesen continuously looks for high-quality fabrics for our customers’ products. We locate our factories in developing areas with an abundance of skilled labor force. We invest in high-tech machines and technology, and we focus on teaching our workers how to use them. All to achieve high-quality products and efficient productivity.

Manufacturer offering ODM/OEM services

With 9 decades of experience and expertise, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is considered one of the best lady leggings manufacturers in Vietnam. To deliver the most value, we proudly provide premium ODM/OEM services to our customers.

Our OEM services can also provide you with several benefits. We can give you full control of customization, as you can retain full copyright and intellectual property to your lady leggings design.

As an ODM, we can support and develop all ideas of Custom Printed Sports Bra from choosing materials, sewing styles to combining many manufacturing methods. Thus, your business will save itself from worrying about insufficient expertise, as our team of in-house experts & technicians can support you with turning your idea into reality.

High-quality products assurance

Throughout the manufacturing process, product quality and quality control at clothes manufacturing firms are probably your priorities. High-quality products are always guaranteed at Thygesen Textile Vietnam because our entire production system complies with ISO standards. Beyond that, we inspect 100 percent of the fabric before manufacturing; thereby, no unanticipated material issues arise throughout the manufacturing process. With our expertise and techniques, Thygesen Textile Vietnam optimizes not only quality but also lead time to avoid delivery delays.

Furthermore, rather than using a third-party inspection service, the manufactured clothes will be evaluated using method AQL 2.5. To achieve quality consistency, we use in-line quality control in our manufacturing process, in which our team will immediately identify and resolve a problem or issue as soon as they arise. Our customers rarely need to use a third-party inspection service after seeing how we efficiently manage the quality control system.

Eco-Friendly Polar Fleece Legging Manufacturer

Environmentally and user-friendly production is the development criterion of many garment manufacturers, including Thygesen.

Thygesen is an eco-friendly Casual & Fashionwear Manufacturer trusted by many brands and stores. We are one of the leading ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturers today. Our goal is to develop products that are healthy, user-friendly and environment-friendly. Currently, there are many manufacturers developing their products according to this trend, but few can develop as thoroughly as Thygesen.

Thygesen’s product lines, including simple sports t-shirts, are tested for friendliness from the fabric to the manufacturing process. Thygesen garment factories use only recyclable or natural fabrics. We also have our own quality control team to ensure quality at each stage.

In addition to friendly fabrics, we also use the LEAN production system to reduce costs and avoid waste in the production process. We use recyclable materials, and modern sewing technology to eliminate unnecessary errors.

You can also see the team of controllers regularly checking the quality of the production process at the factories. It can be said that Thygesen is one of the leading eco-friendly sportswear manufacturers today.

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