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Considered as one of our main activewear items, the hoodie has been introduced in various styles and designs. In addition to OEM service and bulk production of hoodies, we are now providing private label manufacture for this essential item. Product Specifications: Numerous labels available. Low minimum order quantity. Short time delivery. Competitive product cost. OEM service (sample development & mass-producing).

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Create your own hoodie with one of the top Private Label Hoodie Manufacturers – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Private Label Hoodie Manufacturer global market

For long time, hoodies has been becoming one of the most popular activewear products for both men and women running or playing sport and doing exercise in the winter. Recent innovations, development and technologies allows to brings to pullover hoodies a lot of fashionable and functional characteristics (delicate designs, light in weight, breathable, moisture absorb, keep warm, free movement, quick dry and no shrinkage…). There are a lot of valued function integrated in each piece of pullover hoodies while it look the like normal plain hoodies, printed hoodies, full zip hoodies or an unisex hoodies.

Reputed in global market as a reliable Private Label Hoodies Manufacturer, We are providing an One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service to integrate more advanced values into each piece of pullover hoodies to bring the wearer a better experience of supportive and comfort.

Flexible in development of new fabric and designs

It’s not too difficult for big manufacturer in development new fabrics and designs but it’s hard for them to handle with order of several to ten thousand pieces per month. In contrary, There is always an obstacle for small manufactures to be flexible in development new kind of yarns and fabrics. Focus on Activewear products, we built up a close-knit cooperating relationship with best yarn and fabrics manufacturer to be more active and flexible in developing new kinds of yarn & fabrics. We are able to work with even small and medium order. In fact, we also keep updated with latest innovation, development and technology to update our collection of materials. So that our customers have a better chance to got latest trend products.

Optimize productivity to keep the quality stable and lower the cost

Start with labor and machines, We perfect both to optimize our productivity. Put tricks that can effect on the quality of products asides, We  lower the prices by improve the productivity while keeping the high level of quality. Here is how we do that. We focus on training our labor to make sure that each of them can master at least 3 types of machines. Thanks to that, we would be much more flexible in arranging productions lines. optimizing algorithm in optimizing the productivity directly based on our real capability.

Furthermore, Mysterious, Inspired, Amazing and Stylish are adjectives that people use to describe galaxy hoodies. That shows how the market demands for those special products. In response to that demand, Thygesen Textile Vietnam are providing an One-Stop-Shop service for manufacturing any design of it.

When it comes to the strategy that we pursue to bring more advantage to our customers in their market, We consider flexibility and high productivity is key that make our service different. Let see how our capability allow us to do that:

We have a close-knit cooperation relationship with materials suppliers and subcontractors as well as a strong team of in-house experts allow us to stay updated with any development, innovation or trend in materials market. We assure that each piece of our Galaxy Hoodies is combined with both valued fashionable and functional characteristics. They are not only appealing in their looks but also very light in weight, breathable, good moisture absorb and quick dry. That also the wear are more active in every situation of exercise, sport, or daily life. We are flexible in new fabrics development. That’s how we adapt our service to different needs and requirement.

With a capable factory set up under the LEAN manufacturing system run by skillful labor force, We are manufacturing at the most favorable conditions for the best quality products. Especially, each of our workers could use several kinds of machines. That allows us to be flexible in arranging productions lines for optimize our manufacturing productivity.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam manufactures your products efficiently

Moreover, with the advantage of low-cost labor, we invest in training programs ensuring that all of our workers can master all kinds of our modern machines, technologies, and garment techniques to make the highest quality products. We set up our whole manufacturing system in LEAN process complying to ISO 9001: 2015 and many other international standards like OEKO-TEX, CE, SA 8000, WRAP…

Your requirement is assured to be responded to within 24 hours. We get every customer’s requirements and make quotation within 3-5 days. Samples will be developed in 7 days. And it will take us 10-12 weeks for bulk manufacturing.

In addition, Thygesen Textile Vietnam combines emerging advancements into our design and product, ensuring that you are never disappointed with either of our wear products. We place great importance on accuracy and client satisfaction. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, OEKO TEX 100, SA 8000:2014, WRAP, FDA, and CE marking for European-standard products certified.

Moreover, Thygesen Textile Vietnam always guarantees the delivery time for customers with measures against delay:

Book with the forwarder one month in advance, combining orders to deliver to customers. For orders that issue longer, production will be earlier.
There is a commitment with customers about delivery & compensation. For example, if the goods (which go to sea) are delayed, the manufacturer will pay the air freight fee for that order.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam provides you with limitless materials & technical support

One of the most important roles of our yarn & fabric experts as well as our technicians are ensuring that every design of customers must be made of the best suitable fabric with the required function. They are required to be able to keep updated with new development and innovation in the material industry to be able to consult our customers with the best materials and technical solutions. It means that they can select, develop and produce the right fabric. And they make use of our experience of 90 years as a knit fabric manufacturer very well to complete this task.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is fully aware of the growing popularity of Hoodies Manufacturer as well as the rising demand for reliable Activewear ManufacturerWe receive various sizes of orders, including relatively small ones from new developing businesses. Furthermore, our large inventory of in-stock materials and modern manufacturing facilities enable us to produce a wide range of knitting styles and designs. Along with doing private labels, we offer OEM services for any style or product. Our service, which includes everything from knitting to ready-to-wear garments and is delivered by professional and hardworking staff, offers competitive prices and timely delivery.

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