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School Uniform

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we specialize in School Uniform Manufacturing. With a commitment to quality and precision, we craft uniforms that foster a sense of belonging and pride among students. Our state-of-the-art facility merges innovation with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring comfortable and durable uniforms for educational institutions worldwide. 

Product Specifications

Materials: CVC, TC, Cotton and blended with Spandex  (can be altered by the customers).

Functionality: Breathable & comfortable. Fast absorption & quick dry. Durable; Low pilling & color fastness.

Size: All sizes available.

Customization: Customized printings/colors as per clients’ requirements.

Customized Uniforms Crafted by Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Redefining School Uniform
Merging Style with Functionality

Thygesen Textile Vietnam leads the School Uniform Manufacturing sector by seamlessly merging style with functionality. Our school uniforms are designed to empower students with confidence while adhering to the dress code. Through a fusion of modern aesthetics and classic designs, we ensure that every uniform reflects the institution’s identity. Our commitment to detail ensures that students feel comfortable without compromising on style, setting the tone for a productive academic journey.

School Uniform manufacturing with styles
Crafted for confidence, our school uniforms blend modern aesthetics with institution identity, prioritizing comfort and style

High-Quality Materials
Streamlined Production

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we prioritize excellence through the use of premium materials and streamlined production methods. Our uniforms are made to withstand the rigors of daily wear, utilizing durable fabrics that retain their integrity over time. With efficient manufacturing processes, we fulfill orders promptly without compromising on quality. Sustainability is at our core, reflected in our responsible sourcing practices and eco-friendly production approaches.

School Uniform manufacturing with premium materilas
We remain a trusted partner in School Uniform Manufacturing, setting the benchmark for style, quality, and efficiency

Sustainable Manufacturing
Our Commitment to the Environment

As a responsible manufacturer, we embrace sustainable practices in our School Uniform manufacturing process. By sourcing materials from eco-friendly suppliers and implementing waste-reducing measures in our factories, we contribute to the promotion of sustainable fashion choices. Our dedication to environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with our commitment to delivering high-quality and stylish School Uniform to our customers. 

School Uniform manufacturing with sustainability
Committed to sustainability, we source eco-friendly materials, reduce waste, and provide quality, stylish School Uniforms

Trusted By Many Global Brands
Calvin Klein, Tommy Hifferinger

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we are proud to work with renowned global brands in the industry, including Boody, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hifferinger, DKNY, Girlfriend Collective, and many others. Collaborating with these esteemed brands allows us to showcase our expertise in manufacturing premium activewear and meet the rigorous standards set by the industry leaders. 

School Uniform manufacturing with Global Brands
Partnering with prestigious global brands like Boody, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hifferinger, we exemplify manufacturing excellence

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