Shaper Legging

People exercise to get healthier and a greater shape. Our service is geared to businesses that are interested in bringing this high-performance Shaper Legging to any market in the world. Our service includes all stages of manufacturing including fabric development and production, garment sample building from customer design or ideas, bulk manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric: Nylon-Spandex, Polyester-Spandex, or other blended fabric as requested.
  • Performance: high compress, smooth, breathable, absorbent
  • Color/Print: at the customer’s choice, can be developed at the customer’s request.
  • Size/Measurement: full-size range with customer’s measurement or EU, USA, and Australian standards.
  • Made in Vietnam
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Thygesen Textile Vietnam – A Shaper Legging Manufacturer That Guarantees High-quality Products

shaper legging manufacturer

OEM and ODM service for high-performance shaper legging – Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Shaper Legging is considered one of the best products that provide great support to the wear in shaping their body in yoga and fitness activities. Shaper Legging provided by our OEM service would be your business’s secret weapon to take more advantage of your fashion & clothing market, with outstanding properties such as high compression in a well-designed structure while remaining very comfortable thanks to very soft, smooth, breathable and absorbent fabrics.

Our service not only provides you with high-quality Shaper Leggings as well as Custom Leggings but also brings you the advantage of a very competitive price. It might be unbelievable when a Shaper Legging Manufacturer tells you that they might excel at both. However, let us demonstrate how we do it:

  • Premium quality fabric
    Firstly, we focus on the quality right from the first step of developing new kinds of fabrics. We have in-house experts in yarn & fabric to keep us updated with the latest innovations in the material industry. We cooperate with the best material manufacturers in Asia to allow us freely develop new kinds of fabrics. That’s the first step we take to make the best quality Shaper Leggings.
  • Full-package service
    Secondly, we include all stages of the manufacturing process in a full-package service. This helps to save much of your time and effort compared to using separate services from different suppliers. In this way, we are also able to set take control of everything for the best quality thanks to professional cooperation among technicians, workers, designers, salesmen, merchandisers, and logistics… in a unified service.
  • Cost advantage
    In addition, we have gained a lot of advantages from low labor costs and local tax incentives for locating our factories in developing areas in the North of Vietnam. We focus on investment in high-tech machines and comprehensive training programs for our labor force. All is for keeping the highest level of quality and productivity.
  • Flexible service
    In case you are not looking for an OEM service manufacturer but simply just a Shaper Legging wholesale supplier for a shorter lead-time, our service is still applicable. We have many designs available here for your options and you could freely use them with your private label.

So if you could see a potential benefit from our service as a  Activewear Manufacturer that could help to improve your business, do not hesitate to contact us for better direct support.

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