Short Sleeve Uniform Polo Shirts

Worrying about the hot summer that make you feel muggy, sweaty,…? These shits can help your customers get rid of those summer’s problems. From our expert designers, the Uniform Short Sleeve Polo Shirts have multiple function such as: Fast absorption & quick dry, Low pilling,… With over 85 years in garment industry, Thygesen Textile Vietnam now present our One-Stop-Shop service for manufacturing tremendous range of Uniform Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

Products Specifications:

– CVC, TC, Cotton and blended with Spandex,…

– Coolmax, Thermal, Polyester, etc.

– Breathable, UV protection, Absorbent, Soft, Four-way Stretch, Keep Warm, Fast Absorption, Quick-dry,…

– Can withstand industrial washing; Ensure a high level of color fastness and resistance to the stainless

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High-Quality Short Sleeve Uniform Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Short Sleeve Uniform Polo Shirts

The thing that makes the amazing performance of base layer manufactured by Thygesen is its special fabric which was developed at our own fabric factory. It enhances our OEM service to cover the whole manufacturing process.

As an experienced clothing manufacturer in the North of Vietnam, Thygesen is providing customers who are looking for partners to be a reliable Workwear Manufacturer to create  Custom Uniform  with a very competitive OEM/ODM service. We assist customers from the first concept to the finished product.

  • We are flexible in the development of new yarn, fabrics, and other kinds of materials thanks to a wide relationship with the best local and international suppliers. We keep an eye on market trends, and innovations to make sure to maximize both the fashionable and functional characteristics of unisex hoodies.
  • Rather than pursuing economies of scale, we are concentrating on maximizing the value that our service can provide to our clients. Due to our strategy of positively optimizing production, customers are not limited by a large MOQ while still receiving a competitive price.
  • Our primary advantage, as mentioned above, is optimizing productivity. We’ve gathered a group of skilled and well-trained workers. We can arrange production lines in whatever way we choose because each of them can use different types of machines. In order to realistically optimize our capability, several advanced algorithms are also used.
  • Our manufacturing process is also subjected to international standards in order to maintain a consistent level of quality and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. In terms of delivery, we are highly flexible. We could easily transport packages to your location on time thanks to our robust logistics department.

The High-Technology Short Sleeve Uniform Polo Shirts Manufacturer 

Thygesen continuously researches and develops new technological advancements that leverage fabric performance and garment textures to provide high functionality, breathability, and comfort for all sporting goods. Jackets are one of the products that the company focuses on developing from carefully selected basic fabrics to high-end sewing technology.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is proud of the production system and the technologies applied in the clothing production process. In addition to the experience gained from nearly a century of clothing production, the staff is constantly innovating technology to keep up with the development of the world.

Thygesen is equipped with many modern high-tech equipment and machines that enable the production of large quantities of high-end apparel in a short time. Thygesen Textile Vietnam has 2 factories with a strong capacity of up to 800,000 products/month.

The company continuously R&D new and high-tech textile products in the production of sportswear. The company’s development team studies customer specifications to design practice-ready tools, methods, and work instructions, incorporating current technology implementations. From there, we always ensure timely production and consistent quality standards.

In addition, the LEAN production system is one of the outstanding advantages of their production. It includes practical tools and methods to continuously eliminate waste in the clothing manufacturing process. From there, the garment factory and customers will receive benefits such as reducing production costs, increasing output, shortening production time, and reducing selling prices of goods.

The entire creation and production process consists of 16 steps that help to perfect sports pants with the highest quality. In addition, the company also uses modern machines in the design and prototyping stages. They use 3D images with modern simulation techniques to realize customers’ ideas.

In the sewing factory, modern machines such as cutting machines, sewing machines, printing machines, and embroidery machines are fully equipped to complete the sewing and decoration stages in the most complete way.

Short Sleeve Uniform Polo Shirts Manufacturer With Experience

Thygesen has over 90 years of experience in garment manufacturing. In addition to ordinary clothes, sports pants are one of the products that this garment factory focuses on developing and producing. Currently, we have also become the leading sports pants manufacturer in Vietnam.

In addition to a team of highly skilled professionals and tailors, Thygesen also owns many modern machines. We have strong production capacity thanks to factories with advanced sewing technology and staff who can master the technology. You can find product development departments in this apparel company. We have the role of developing products from fabrics, and designs to catch up with fashion trends.

Along with focusing on sustainable and functional clothing materials, we have strengths in diverse processing processes and a skilled workforce. Our team of experienced designers and technicians can help customers at any stage, from concept development to finished products.

Many years of experience in the industry helps Thygesen recognize what trending design is, what is the suitable material, and which design will be most popular. The company’s products not only look beautiful but also ensure user comfort. On the other hand, you can rest assured about the products Thygesen provides as we have met many international standards.

With a development journey of more than 90 years, Thygesen has obtained many international certificates of garment standards such as ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000: 2014, and WRAP. You can be completely assured of the quality of this supplier’s products.

Thygesen – The Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

Thygesen is not only a top quality  Custom Uniform Manufacturer, they also aspire to become a prestigious garment factory, bringing true ethical values to the community, partners and customers. They decided to act ethically and sustainably from day one to protect our future.

In addition to complying with international regulations and standards on the quality of garments, they also care about the safety of the environment. Thygesen products all meet ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016, Oeko-Tex 100, SA8000: 2014 and WRAP for user-friendliness. Even if it’s for kids, it’s completely safe and effective.

This garment company has strictly complied with local and international requirements for textile waste treatment in order to minimize waste, reduce the impact of emissions. The materials used by the Thygesen plant in production are also recyclable and optimal in production. They use more eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, recycled nylon/polyester, etc.

As for the staff, they are always taken care of and are provided with a safe and healthy working environment so that they can focus on working and develop their full potential. In addition, Thygesen also participates in many charity programs and other non-profit investment funds to spread kindness to society.

Greater flexibility for your business

Without a clothing manufacturer, developing a gorgeous garment design into reality may face many limits, like lack of fabric and expertise. Not every brand has a strong network of suppliers or the necessary equipment that allows testing different kinds of fabric and producing each special detail of new designs. As a result, you will compromise the product quality and the flexibility to create garments.

As a perfect solution to this problem, Thygesen Textile Vietnam provides you with skilled & professional technical and development teams who go above and beyond to assist customers with design suggestions, appropriate materials, accessories, and product performance & aesthetic advice.

Contact us today if you are looking for a Workwear Manufacturer as well as Uniform Manufacturer that pays attention to details, applies up-to-date technology and continuously pursuits sustainability.

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