Women Henley T-shirt

The highlight of a henley T-shirt is a series of buttons right down the neck, which brings about classy appearance to the wearers. Customers who is looking for a trust worthy OEM manufacturer of the henley T-shirts, please reach out to Thygesen Textile Vietnam, a reliable Denmark manufacturer with 86 years of experience in the garment field. Click in the button below, and spend only a few minutes to save hundreds hours of looking for another source.

Product Specifications:

  • Performance: lightweight, classy design, fashionable, comfortable, sliky feeling.
  • Fabrics: 65% Cotton, 30% polyester, 5% spandex is suggested but customers feel free to choose other fabrics.
  • All sizes and colors are provided.
  • Measurement: USA, EU, ASIA standard or customer’s own standard.
  • Made in Vietnam.
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Top-notch Women Henley T-shirt Manufacturer – Thygesen Vietnam

women henley t-shirt manufacturer

The Women Henley T-shirt Manufacturer with quality

By 2025, the T-shirt market is already expanding and is projected to reach US$3 billion. As a result, right now is the ideal time to build your t-shirt brand.

A Women Henley T-shirt is a collarless pullover shirt with a round neckline, a placket that is typically 2–5 buttons long and measures 3–5 inches (8–13 cm). In essence, it is a polo shirt without a collar.

Lightweight henleys with short sleeves work well as T-shirt substitutes. People wear them when they want a single, short-sleeved garment that still looks like they put some attention to their appearance. Women Henley T-shirts are not quite as formal as a polo, but they serve a comparable niche.

As a result, this type of T-shirt dominates the market. Hence, investors are increasingly drawn. However, finding a reliable manufacturer or wholesaler is also significant apart from choosing the product line to attain success. Thygesen Textile Vietnam, with over years of experience, is an ideal Women Henley T-shirt Manufacturer for any investors.

The Women Henley T-shirt Manufacturer for global markets

Having been a leading custom T-shirt manufacturer in Vietnam, we always put quality at heart. For decades in our global manufacturing industry, we have gained a lot of experience and a strong capacity to provide our customers with reliable service. We could help carry all production stages in a complete package service (design & pattern making support, materials & samples development, manufacturing, and logistics). Our service aims to save our Customers’ afford, time, and expense of working with too many service suppliers.

We have been the destination for many established clothing brands worldwide, like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Girlfriend Collective, DKNY, etc.

Discover our capacity

We are characterized by three highlights of capacity: skillful labor, cutting-edge technology, and strict management. All of our laborers are well-trained to master many kinds of machines. This is one of our keys to optimizing productivity. Technology is essential to us. Besides machines for manufacturing and testing, we apply several algorithms that allow us to maximize our productivity based on our capacity. Management is also our primary focus. We strengthen our service with a professional management process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Creating trendy Women Henley T-shirt Thygesen!

Casual & fashionwear is probably an indispensable part of the fashion and clothing industry. Understanding this, Thygesen strives to become your long-term casual fashionwear manufacturer and to help your brand relentlessly expand. Our priority is always to ensure that our casual/fashionwear products are made of the best fabrics to make the wearer comfy.

And we want them to look great too. We believe fashion clothing conveys much about our personalities and who we are. That is why our teams offer unlimited fabric choices and impressive designs to ensure your customers achieve the look they are going for.

With over 90 years of experience, Thygesen can offer you the manufacturing power using sustainable fabrics that can strengthen your brand across your eco-conscious markets. Our company is well-known for its professional support and guidance to bring your ideas into reality in the best way possible.

Starting with materials, we invested in cooperation with the best yarn and fabrics manufacturer to keep updated with the latest news, development, and innovation in materials. We have many kinds of high-quality and functional materials available here to make the best quality Women Henley T-shirt (Supersoft feeling, Lightweight, Quick absorption, Highly breathable.) All of our products are a creative intersection between high levels of fashion and function.

For a common product line like T-shirt, Thygesen offers various styles, from the very basic to the most trendy, all up to customers. We have international standardized factories, the latest technology, modern machines, and skillful labor that can assist you in producing high-quality items.

Why choose us?

  • Sustainable manufacturing process

We care about protecting the environment and look forward to cooperating with suppliers/manufacturers holding the same values as us. Many renowned certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 proves Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s high commitment to complying with local and international labor laws and quality standards. With the manner of continuously contributing to the improvement of social living standards, we start with our work environment, and later, our effort is proven by being certified with SA 8000 and WRAP certifications for our implementation of social responsibility, accountability, and transparency in business.

At Thygesen, we understand that everything we do affects the world, the environment, and our amazing team. Our priority is to implement ethical business practices into all we do to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

We take this commitment very seriously. There is no denying that manufacturing clothing and competing with fast fashion brands are difficult. It hasn’t always been simple, but we’ve welcomed the challenge in the sake of making a better, more sustainable product.

It has motivated us to maximize efficiency in everything we do. This in turn keeps us competitive and lessens our impact on the environment, improves our products and empowers our workforce

We have put in place several programs to aid the communities where we live and work as well as the environment. We place high importance on being a good corporate citizen with a long-lasting beneficial influence because we are a family business with moral solid core convictions.

  • Cutting-edge technologies

Thygesen Textile Vietnam has the in-house expertise to best match with the world’s latest technology: material research and development procedure from yarn to knitting and dyeing process; from single needle seams to bonding; from essential quality like cotton/spandex or polyester to more specialized ones such as High Compression Nylon, Cordura, Outlast, Tactel, Cationic, or more eco-friendly like Organic Cotton, Lenzing Tencel, Soybean, Coffee, Bamboo viscose, Recycled Polyester,…

Moreover, Thygesen Textile Vietnam owns professional management and a high commitment to buyers or international quality standard products and services. We offer competitive prices with fast and timely delivery plus an “OEM/ODM” set-up from knitting to ready-made garments.

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