Women Hooded T-shirt

Hooded T-shirt is a combination of a hoodie and a T-shirt, which is very popular nowadays since it is considered to bring about both young modern appearance as well as active style at the same time. Consumers can wear this special type of shirt for all the four seasons since it has both the long sleeve and short sleeve designs. In order to manufacture such high quality hooded T-shirts, please do not hesitate to contact Thygesen Textile Vietnam, a Denmark company with over 90 year of experience. Here we not only welcome customers with A-Z services such as OEM, ODM, One-stop-shop but we also assure that the products are delivered to customers in good quality and in time.

Product Specifications:

  • Performance: multi-design, fashionable, comfortable, sliky feeling.
  • Fabrics: 100% cotton or blended with other composition as customer’s request
  • All sizes and colors can be provided.
  • Measurement: USA, ASIA, EU standard or customer’s own measurement.
  • Made in Vietnam.
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Fashionable Women Hooded T-shirt Manufacturer – Women Hooded T-shirt Supplier

women hooded t-shirt manufacturer

The Fashionable Women Hooded T-shirt Manufacturer

Hoodies are known as winter clothes, but recently, hooded T-shirts have been produced to satisfy hoodie fans, even in the summer. With the combination of fashionable appearance from a hoodie and active, sporty style from a T-shirt, this would be a new hot trend in the future, especially for teenagers. Investors, who want to take advantage of this market, please reach out to Thygesen. Our company, with professional staff, would take full responsibility for your products, from sample development and fabrics suggestion to final production.

Women Hooded T-shirt collection at Thygesen is a line made with comfort and style in mind. It is a collection that values a laid-back way of life and the ability to unwind. You can depend on this collection to be a daily part of your life and a celebration of your spirit.

We at Thygesen think that ideas have the ability to change the world.

And we are aware that empowering the most intelligent individuals produces the best ideas. Our experience in research, design, and manufacturing as a multinational corporation extends to a variety of industries, including floor covering, performance and protective textiles, specialized chemicals, healthcare, and operational improvement consultancy for industrial manufacturers.

Since our company’s establishment in 1931, our work has been guided by our dedication to ethics. We work to deliver breakthroughs as a values-based company without sacrificing our dedication to environmental stewardship, our employees’ health, and safety, or the future of our communities.

Our business offers services either as a full-fledged independent service provider or as an addition to your existing design team. Our company’s success depends on providing ongoing, dependable value to clients who need knowledge of all facets of the fashion and clothing industry, from initial design concepts to mass production.

We take prides in 90 years of experience in the textile industry

In 1931, Carla Soren Thygesen began a journey that would link the name Thygesen Textile Group (TTG) with quality in designing, manufacturing and selling textile products.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is proud to be part of this incredible journey. Learned from a century of experience and expertise, we are now one of the leading custom T-shirt manufacturer in Vietnam, delivering our goods to the world market.

One of the main products we manufacture for the market are casual fashionwear, including women hooded T-shirt.

Our network of activities covers the world, always updating information about products and services for customers to easily learn. The company always satisfies customers when in the production process it always meets international standards for the garment field.

With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and trading for textile products, we have a clear process from the beginning of receiving customer requests until the completion of the product.

Besides, Thygesen Vietnam has also received many certificates such as:

  • BSCI Certificate
  • OEKO-tex Certificate
  • Certificate ISO 9001-2008
  • SA8000 certificate
  • CE Marking Certificate

These are all high-class certificates for garment factories that are assessed by competent authorities to help assess the quality and safety of products. We have obtained these certificates, so customers can be assured of the prestige and quality of the products.

We have our own fabric development system, good contact with reliable printing factories, and strict quality management.

Your Reliable Casual Fashionwear Manufacturer

Thygesen provides OEM/ODM service manufacturing high-quality women hooed T-shirts that bring the most impressive look for the wearer. Any design and style can be developed and manufactured in our factories with no fabric limit and supportive full-package service.

We strive to become your long-term Women Hooded T-shirt Manufacturer and to help your brand relentlessly expand. Our priority is always to ensure that our casual/fashionwear products are made of the best fabrics to make the wearer comfy.

And we want them to look great too. We believe fashion clothing conveys much about our personalities and who we are. That is why our teams offer unlimited fabric choices and impressive designs to ensure your customers achieve the look they are going for.

We truly understand the challenges in launching, scaling, and maintaining a successful fashion brand and are here to support you by ensuring all products manufactured are of the highest quality.

Along with our focus on sustainable and functional activewear materials, we have strengths in the multi-handling process and skillful labor force. Our experienced designer and technician team can help our customers in any stage, from concept development to finished products.

With a high standard of achievement, we value top quality and will ensure that you receive what you need to fit your business needs.  We set up our factories under ISO 9001:2015 standard and have in-line QCs to detect every issue, problem and mistake right away in the underwear manufacturing process.

Tell us about your ideas, and we will handle everything from development to production.

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