Women’s Base Layer T-shirts

Specifically designed for women, these collections have not only multiple functions ( regulate body temperature, Breathable & comfortable, fast absorption & quick dry,…)  but also give customers fashion styles such as elongating your torso, and toned body,… As a reliable Women’s Base Layer T-shirts Manufacturer, Thygesen Textile Vietnam is looking forward to cooperating with every partner whose business engages in garment products and want to strike into potential market.

Products Specifications:
– Material: Thermax
– All sizes and colors are available
– Soft & lightweight
– 2-3 layer construction helps keep the body warm while sweating out
– Breathable
– Free movement
– Flatlock seams provide a smoother fit as seam-free

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The Leading Women’s Base Layer T-Shirts Manufacturer

Women’s Base Layer T-shirts

Women’s base layers T-shirts manufacturers at Thygesen perform well in all weather conditions. High quality, lightweight, and breathable, the product help wearer feel comfortable and is easy to wear with other layer items.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam, with over 90 years of expertise in the textile industry, is now offering a cost-effective comprehensive package solution to customers looking for a dependable women’s base layer T-shirts manufacturer.

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